Best Summer Makeup Tips to Sweat-Proof Your Look


Summer Makeup Tips: It is a very difficult task to keep it on longer than doing makeup in summer. On the other hand, if you are not an expert in makeup or you do not know the basic tips, then makeup spoils your beautiful face as well. In such a situation, we are giving you some makeup tips, which will help you with the best makeover

Best Summer Makeup Tips to Sweat-Proof Your Look
Best Summer Makeup Tips to Sweat-Proof Your Look

Use BB cream as a foundation

Use BB cream as a foundation to give a fresh and matte look to the face in this season. It absorbs oil and feels very light on the face. Apart from this, use powder-based products instead of creamy products these days. They stay on for a long time and don’t sweat quickly, so highlight the smile on your cheeks with a powder blusher.

Apply shades of these colours on the eyes Use shades

Use shades of pastel colours like baby pink, lavender, mint green, coral peach etc. All these will look beautiful on the eyes and will relax the mind even in the scorching heat.

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This Trick of applying liner will work

if you do not want to apply eyeshadow on the eyes, then you can also make your eyes beautiful by applying colourful liner. The use of colours like Metallic Steel, Silver Grey, Peacock Green and Electric Blue will make you look very trendy this season. Apart from this, you can also make your eyes beautiful with a winged eyeliner. For this, the length of the wing you want, look in the mirror and draw the long line outwards and upwards. After this, bring a thin line from the inner corner and stop in the middle. Connect the wing drawn behind the line with the line made in the middle and fill the empty space. This whole process is divided into two parts so that your hand does not tremble and the liner can be applied properly. It will also express the shape of your eyes well, plus you will not need to apply much makeup by applying it.

Take waterproof products

Use only waterproof products for eye makeup this season. Curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply a double coat of mascara.

Lighter Lip Shades Better

Lighter Lip Shades Better Lighter shades like bubblegum pink or light coral will enhance the beauty of your lips this summer. It is better to use hydrating and moisturizing lipstick in this season.


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