8 Tips For Choosing The Right Makeup Tips To Make Your Skin Look Flawless


Almost nothing in life is quite as difficult as finding the right makeup for your skin tone. We know this sounds a little dramatic, but if you haven’t had trouble finding the perfect shade of foundation, you’ve been blessed. And let’s not even get into picking out the right blush among an aisle filled with pink, coral and rosy red palettes.

How to Choose the Correct Makeup Tips and Tutorials;

You can get moisturizer oil-free, extra heavy, or anywhere in between. Oil-free or light moisturizers are best for people with an oily, combination, or normal skin. Heavier moisturizers are often necessary for dry skin, but they can be a slippery base for makeup. Heavy moisturizers add a dewy effect to your appearance. Avoid using dewy foundation on top of that, which can overdo it. You don’t need to use the same moisturizer across your whole face. If you get dry patches in certain areas, use a heavy moisturizer on those spots.

Foundation for dry skin usually has moisturizer in it already. If you plan to use this type of foundation, stick to a lighter moisturizer than you normally would. Choose the foundation that is closest to and matches your skin colour. Foundation is used to cover spots, acne scars, and all the stains on skin. By using a foundation that matches the skin colour, it will disguise various kinds of stains on your face. It will look smooth without stain.

Make sure you store your powder in a cool, dry place like your bedroom. Humidity can wreak havoc on your face powder, screwing up the application. Like other types of foundation, you want to match the skin tone of your face as closely as possible. If you’re having trouble picking the right shade, try asking a beautician at a department store or beauty supply shop for assistance. Powder foundations generally work best with oily skin. However, there are now hydrating powder foundations on the market for people with dry skin.

Eye Shadow
Eye primer helps create a smooth surface for the eye makeup. Once the primer has dried, you can apply an eyeshadow base that helps make the eyeshadow stick to the skin better. If you don’t have an eyeshadow base, concealer or foundation will do. You need a highlighter that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, a matte mid-tone shade, a contour shade that is 2-3 shades darker than the skin and a matte black shade. If you have a facial highlighter, you can use that too.

Mascara And Eyebrow Pencil
For casual social gatherings, if you want to have a natural look choose bright colours like pink or light orange. Meanwhile, if you will attend formal parties, then use a darker eyeshadow like dark brown, grey or mix with blue. If you are unsure what to apply for eye shadow there are many make-up tutorial videos on YouTube. I follow Michelle Phan for a natural look, Jeffrey Star for a dramatic look, and Many MUA for everyday glam. On Instagram, I follow MUAdust for her sparkling look and strong contour.

Eye Liner
Eyeliner is one of the most integral parts of your makeup looks. Sure the artistic cat-eye and smokey eye gazes are all about the liner, but even some of the most natural, barely-there makeup has some type of eyeliner involved. Why you may ask? Because it’s a sneaky way to subtly call attention to your eyes, make lashes look longer, your eye colour more vibrant, and even look more awake. Knowing what colour, where to put it, and how to apply it are key skills that any makeup lover should have in her beauty repertoire.

Blush On
Choosing a blush on should be adjusted to the colour of your skin. For people with white or yellow skin, they should choose a bright colour of blush on. Choose between sand pink or light pink. For people with dark skin, better to choose a soft colour like soft pink or soft orange. With a variety of colour shades nowadays, it is important to select the right shade for your skin tone.

lipstick has been the most popular form of makeup. It indeed is one of the most essential fashion accessories that most women just can’t do without. I’m sure you ladies will agree that it’s the “go-to” make up for a lot of us when we quickly want to pull our look together

A little bit of makeup, applied using the right techniques, can help you turn back the clock. Remember – your skin is constantly changing and this means your beauty arsenal should also transform every few years. Besides that, it’s so important to live a healthy lifestyle and follow a nutritious diet to stay fit and also look younger.


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