Fashion Women’s Summer Shoes 2022


Shoes are always there to complete a style. However, it is going to be rather difficult to call it a final phase because it is the shoes to be a pacemaker this season! This is about its utmost brightness and trendy design.

In our new article, we have collected the best fashion women’s shoes for the summer of 2022. Let’s talk about current trends and how to wear shoes in the summer to look stylish because summer is around the corner!


1. Asymmetry

A bold trend that can refresh any look. If you prefer simple looks, but want to add a bright detail that doesn’t look elaborate, we recommend that you buy a pair of shoes with an asymmetric design. For example, in different colors or with heels of different shapes.

Asymmetry fashion women's summer shoes
Asymmetry fashion women’s summer shoes

2. Sling-back

Such shoes may not be the most practical option to wear on a daily basis due to the lack of proper fixation, however, they are perfect for an evening walk or a celebration. Especially relevant models with the so-called V-neckline. Combine sling-back shoes with trousers and ankle-length skirts.

Sling-back fashion women's summer shoes

3. Buckles

Shoes with buckle decor will add a touch of chic to the look. The buckle can be either concise, for example, made of wood or plastic, and decorated with rhinestones, which is perfect for a celebration. As the buckle becomes an accent detail of the look, choose a simple outfit – classic loose trousers, an elegant blouse, or a simple dress will be a great addition.

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4. Open toe

Open-toe shoes are a great choice for a hot day. To make your look perfect, don’t forget about pedicures. Open shoes fit well in any wardrobe. For a casual look, compliment them with jeans and an oversized shirt, and on the way out, we recommend a trendy slip dress.

Open toe fashion women's summer shoes

5. Transparent elements

Shoes with transparent pieces and decor look very stylish and add lightness to the look. If you choose models with transparent straps, then the legs will visually seem longer, and a transparent heel will add weightlessness to your walk. It is better to combine such models with light things – trousers or a flying dress fluttering in the wind will be nice and neat.

Transparent elements fashion women's summer shoes

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6. String shoes

String shoes fashion women's summer shoes

A trend that looks not only stylish but also allows you to feel comfortable in hot weather. In combination with a V-shaped, such sandals look especially trendy. We recommend combining string sandals with basic things.

String shoes fashion women's summer shoes

7. Thin straps

A stylish element that will add spice to the image. Particularly sophisticated look models with straps around the ankles. Combine these sandals with midi skirts and cropped pants.

Thin straps fashion women's summer shoes

8. Kitten-heel

A small kitten-heel heel will fit into a casual wardrobe, as it is almost not felt when worn. These sandals can be worn both at a party and for a business trip.

Kitten-heel fashion women's summer shoes

9. White color

White sandals show to advantage the tan. White is combined with bright colors and looks equally good in monochrome images.

White color fashion women's summer shoes

10. Knots

They place emphasis on the image, but at the same time look modest. Knots look good in romantic outfits – a concise dress, a light blouse, or a satin skirt are a great addition.

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11. Massive heel

The wide, stable heel is very comfortable to wear every day. These sandals can be worn both in the office and for a walk, combining them with things of different styles.

Massive heel fashion women's summer shoes

In fact, minimalism is not the strong point of this season. It is maximalism that seeks to tell fashionistas about itself this summer. Even slippers that are also at their peak this summer will be decorated with interesting decor.

Massive heel fashion women's summer shoes

As for wedges and heels, this place is also for the designers’ imagination. They were able to decorate even the heel itself and the entire surface of the platform-sole. It is for the first time that such bright shoes flaunt in the summer.

Ballet shoes fashion women's summer shoes

Ballet shoes and just slippers remained in fashion this summer.

fashion women's summer shoes

Convenient options are ready to surprise not only with their comfort when walking, they also pleased with prints. The combination of two colors is in fashion.

fashion women's summer shoes

At the peak of popularity, creative models of ballet shoes with sharp noses, a touch of the classics of some options make them simply indispensable for a party. In general, there is simply a riot of fantasy and everyone can choose a model for their liking and be in trend.

fashion women's summer shoes

This season presented the beloved “gladiator shoes” as completely militant. Therefore, lovers of this type of shoe will be able to please themselves and their legs with such creative antics from designers.

Gladiator shoes decoration is also available, and you can find a wide variety of laces and creative elements as decoration. They will be in perfect harmony with light matching sundresses and short shorts and even mini skirts that are not out of fashion this season.

Indeed, 2022 summer sees beauty in sandals of different heights. A high platform-sole or is it a completely low and flat sole. The main thing remains – decoration and bright design solutions:

  • For the wedge, the use of end-to-end decoration and many straps will be successful (the alternative is the weaving of ribbons);
  • For the heel, a wedge heel boldly comes to the rescue.
fantastic heels fashion women's summer shoes

The theme of fantastic heels cannot leave this summer and remains current. There is also some masculine rudeness, and even confidence, which only emphasizes the grace of the legs.

fashion women's summer shoes

More recently, flip flops went on sale and have already become popular not only for their intended purpose – beach shoes. They began to take up more and more space at fashion shows. Models now walk along the catwalk in comfort and are not afraid to stumble.

fashion women's summer shoes

This shoe is so comfortable that it can be safely worn on the street. Of course, they are not suitable for the classic version, but they can easily dilute the style of street casual.

The most fashionable this season are flip flops with various foot restrainers. Materials know no boundaries at all – it is important that they do not cause chaos. This also applies to decoration, rhinestones, and different beads should be in moderation. As for the color for flip flops, the defining colors were the colors: yellow; blue; azure; silver; white; black.

Designers find stylish solutions using a transparent element, and it can be both the bottom of the shoe and the top. It should be noted that the novelty of this summer is the new model of flip-flops on the platform sole. Monochrome coloring is at the heart.

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