2021 Battery For Key Fob Buying Guide


The battery is a key fob that makes it possible to remotely unlock, lock, activate panic mode or even start some vehicles. These auto parts wear down over years of use. Signs of a low key fob battery include reduced range or no response from the vehicle when you press a button. This guide shows the best way to buy and install a new battery for a key fob that works for your vehicle make and model.

2021 Battery For Key Fob Buying Guide
2021 Battery For Key Fob Buying Guide

Best Battery For A Key Fob

Three-volt batteries are commonly used in keyless remotes. These batteries are round in shape and relatively flat. Thickness varies between different battery types, and the travel of the spring in a remote will determine whether contact is made with a particular model. As a result, the batteries in key fobs may not be interchangeable or universal.

For the longest battery life, look for a high-quality replacement key fob battery. Lithium batteries made by a trusted brand, such as Energizer, are good choices for maintaining keyless remote operation. CR2025 and CR2032 batteries may be available in single or multi-packs. Battery life will vary based on frequency of use and typical environmental conditions, such as exposure to high heat.

How Much Does A Replacement Battery Cost?

A new lithium key fob battery made by a reputable brand typically costs less than seven dollars. While it may be possible to find replacement parts for even less, batteries made by other brands may not last as long. Look out for low prices on battery multi-packs. Buying multiple batteries at once can be a good deal if you use multiple key fobs that require the same type of battery.

Check the voltage of the battery as well as the model number. You can confirm the model number by checking VIN lookup, the owner’s manual for your vehicle or the markings on the old battery in a keyless remote.

How To Replace a Key Fob Battery

The best method for replacing a battery in a key fob depends on the remote design. Some key fobs have one or more small Phillips head screws on the back side. Other designs have a side slot that you can pry open with a coin or any other flat tool.

Many remotes require separating the side seams with a flat head screwdriver to access the interior and change the battery. You can also take a key fob into an auto parts store, dealership or repair shop for assistance with changing the battery. It may also be possible to get a replacement part made by the original equipment manufacturer on-site.

Getting a new key fob battery can be as simple as checking the manual for your vehicle or opening the key fob to see which type of battery goes inside this remote. A working key fob is an important safety and security tool for locking and unlocking your vehicle and many key fobs also have a panic button that sounds an alarm. No matter which functions a remote performs, a replacement battery extends the life of a key fob.


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