Propose it Right – Happy Propose Day


The next on the Valentine Week list is a day that brings the courage to bring one’s emotions from their hearts and minds to surface and become vocal about their feelings. Propose day is usually celebrated by confessing to one’s significant other about how much you love them if you’re already with someone and if not, confession to someone you’ve been crushing on from a long time! The day marks a lot of stability and reliability to a relationship.

In case you are stuck as to how to propose to someone you like, given below are 5 amazing ideas that you can try to woo your partner.

Go the traditional way:

A dinner date never goes out of style and is one of the best places to tell someone you love them or even present them with a ring! You can start the evening with a visit to an art gallery, an open mic, a movie or even a sports match after which you take them out for dinner. Choose a place which is royal, quiet and romantic. Post a delicious meal you can open the grandstand and profess your love for your someone over a dessert or even wine.

The not-so-traditional proposal:

The Internet has been buzzing for so long with interesting and different ideas for proposing your partner. It can be in a puppy store or while you are on a roller coaster ride. You can choose a place that your partner can never fathom would be the venue for such an activity. Go wild and crazy while brainstorming ideas on venues and possible places but also remember to take a thoughtful gift along for after the proposal.


A themed proposal:

In case you know your partner well and understand what they like or dislike, you can have the proposal which us themed. If they’re a foodie, keep it in their favourite restaurant or food diner. In case they like a fictional character, take them to a gift shop for merchandise shopping. You can also plan a small road trip to the mountains in case they like to trek and propose to them at the top of the cliff. Romantic much?

A surprise party:

Nothing would scream surprise in their face than a party. It is something people very rarely expect on 8th of February. Gather your friends, cook some snacks, open the champagne bottle and surprise your partner with a party. Later during the dance of you can do the actual proposal by whispering in their ear about how much you love them, or how much you look forward to spending your life with them.

A small picnic:

You can always have a quiet evening with a picnic in your backyard with homemade food and some wine. Based on your compatibility and how much your partner loves to be informal, you can order a pizza and watch a movie on a projector screen. End the evening with the actual words of love and later sleep under the stars while cuddling with them. Do not forget to take water, extra blankets and mosquito repellent! Or, you can always come up with something better that is of importance to your partner. Just remember to make them happy with as many gifts and places they like to visit and you will be just fine.


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