Is DeFi100 Crypto Scam?: The website was hacked and the message was shown by the hackers


DeFi100 Crypto Scam or Website Hacked?

Cryptocurrency project DeFi100 (CRYPTO: D100) has informed its investors that it defrauded them of their funds.

What Happened: According to a Saturday tweet by a cryptocurrency analyst, DeFi100 announced that it scammed its users in the following unkind and inelegant message: “We scammed you guys, and you can’t do s**t about it.”

DeFi100 Crypto Scam
DeFi100 Crypto Scam

According to the analyst, the scammers behind the project made away with $32 million in investor funds. The Twitter user also warned his followers that he expects more of such instances to happen:

Reports have claimed that people behind cryptocurrency project DeFi100 may have absconded with investor funds worth USD 32 million (approx Rs 233 crore).

DEFI100 Tweeted Few hours ago: “The website was hacked yesterday and the message was shown by the hackers. It has been taken down.”


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