Domino’s Data Breach: 18 Cr Customers’ Location, Mobile Numbers Allegedly Leaked On Dark Web


Domino’s Data Breach in India: As per security experts, the data of 18 crore Dominos orders are available on the dark web.

Domino’s Data Breach in India

The leaked data can now be found on the search engine created by hackers. The data that has been allegedly leaked include customer location, phone numbers, email address, payment details and credit card details of users.

According to the report, more than 18 million orders of Domino’s data are available on the dark web. This data leak took place earlier this month but no news was given to the customers.

Domino's Data Breach India

In this data leak, along with customer data, the entire horoscope of about 250 employees of the company and some files of the company have also been leaked, which is about 13TB in size, although Domino has not said anything on this matter so far.

Alon Gal, who runs the cyber security firm Hudson Rock, has given information about this data leak by tweeting. He has claimed that hackers are selling this data for about Rs 4.25 crore. This data leak contains 10 lakh credit card information and complete details of 18 crore orders.

The data leak includes all the information like the customers’ credit / debit card information as well as mobile number, name, e-mail ID, address and payment details. The company’s own files from 2015 to 2021 have been stolen.

According to a message posted on the dark web, hackers want to create a search portal through these data where people will be able to search for leaked data. Let us know that Jubilant Foodworks operates Domino India, which owns the franchise of Domino Pizza.


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