5 Skills You Need To Become A Data Analyst


Do you see a whole new world every time you stare at a piece of data?

If so then it’s high time that you are well versed with the technical skills that multinational companies are looking for in their future candidates!

To strengthen your roots of data analysis, the best way to go about it is by figuring out the specific skills you need to learn to become a successful data analyst.

Read this article to the end to put an end to the struggle of deciding with data analyst skills you should be focusing on, and the role data analytics course plays in the improvement of your career.

5 skills you need to become a data analyst
5 skills you need to become a data analyst


Structured query language a,k.a. SQL is a data analyst skill explicitly required to land jobs in the world’s finest tech companies.

As most of the business data are stored in a database of the website, SQL is your best shot at performing substantial analysis that is a prerequisite to any data related profile.

The Diploma in data analytics offered in Singapore will allow you to effectively analyse project entails and access the right data, simplifying any business projects that will come your way!

Business intelligence tools

The technological market is currently flooded with numerous types of business intelligence tools for analysing data.

As a Diploma graduate of our programme, you will be provided free training lessons on some of the world’s best tools to play with the underlying data.

You will receive a deeper understanding of the data metrics and ways to convey the outcome to non-technical business stakeholders.

Programming languages

The next major step in your data analyst journey is to get a good grounding of the top programming languages.

To be part of the global data community you must pick up the basics of popular programming languages and advance towards becoming a professional.

Our Diploma course curriculum is tailored to give you support throughout the steep learning curve, allowing you to get the hang of it before you implement programming languages to analyse data and make new assumptions.


Although there are amazing free resources online to learn the in-and-outs of Microsoft Excel, pursuing a data analytics course will let you know the ways you can utilise it to make scalable and repeatable analyses.

Excel allows you to bring to life the common numerical language and execute quantitative analysis, which is a primary requirement for tech companies when recruiting their data analyst.

Learning Excel professionally will empower you with the ability to older presumptions related to a given analysis and showcase innovative outcomes quickly, based on this ubiquitous tool that is the favourite of the tech giants.


A great number of data analyst job positions require potential candidates to be comfortable using ETL processes.

The extract, transform unload [ETL] system handling is an experience that is typically considered as nice-to-have, rather than a necessity when it comes to having relevant breakdown processes involved in data analysis.

This also involves knowing statistics that can help you move beyond the top-level analysis desired by the corporates.


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