What are the different types of derivatives?


The stock market has a lot of options in which the person can invest in the market. One of the great options for investment is Derivatives. It is a financial contract whose value is linked to the value of the underlying asset. These are very complex financial instruments that are used for different purposes including hedges and even it will get access to the additional market and assets. Different derivatives type is traded over the counter. The biggest derivative exchange will include the Korea Exchange, Eurex, and CME Group.

What are the different types of derivatives
What are the different types of derivatives

Different types of derivatives are available in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Forwards and futures: These are the financial contracts that obligate the contract to the buyers for the purchase of an asset at a pre-agreed price in the specified future date. Both these types of derivatives forwards and futures are essential in the same nature. Forwards are flexible and can be customized on the other hand future are the standard contract that is traded on the exchange.

Options: This facility provides the buyers with the right contracts not the obligation for the sale and purchase of the underlying asset at a predetermined price. The buyer can only exercise the option on the maturity date of these European options. But the person can exercise the American options before the maturity date.

Swaps: It is a contract that allows the exchange of cash flow between two parties. It will involve the exchange of the fixed cash flow for the floating cash flow. There are different popular types of swaps like Commodity swaps, currency swaps, and interest rate swaps.

Surprisingly, derivatives have a great impact on modern finance. There is a list of different advantages provided by the derivatives in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Hedging risk exposure: The value of the derivatives is linked to the value of the underlying asset, so these are commonly used for hedging risks. For example, the investor can purchase the derivative contract whose values are completely moving in the opposite direction of the value of the assets that the investor owns. So, in this way, the derivative contract may help in offsetting the losses of the underlying asset.

Market efficiency: Derivatives help in increasing the financial efficiency in the market. The use of the derivatives can replicate the payoff of the assets. So the prices of the underlying assets and the associated derivatives will tend to be in equilibrium to avoid any arbitrage opportunities.

Access to unavailable assets: These will help in getting access to the assets or market that is unavailable. With the help of the interest rate swaps, the company can help in obtaining the favourable interest rate that will be available for direct borrowing.

To avail all the above-mentioned advantages it is very much important for the people to follow different kinds of tips and tricks in the whole process and following are the very basic tips which the people need to follow at the time of trading into derivatives:

  • Indulging into proper research of the things is considered to be the key to success in the derivatives market and further, it is very much important for people to remember that strategies need to be different from that of the stock market.
  • It is very much important for the people to conduct the transactions by being clear about the basic aspects associated with everything so that they can implement the things perfectly and avail the best possible returns from them.
  • Arranging the amount for a requisite margin is another very important thing to be undertaken by the people because the stock market will rule differently in comparison to the derivatives market. One cannot withdraw the amount from the trading account at any point in time until the trade has been settled. Also, the margin amount changes as the price of the underlying stock rises or falls. So, it is very much advisable for the people to keep some amount extra in their money account.
  • Conducting the transactions to the trading account is very much advisable and for this purpose people also need to make sure that if their account allows them to trade with Derivatives or not. Consulting the brokerage firm or stockbroker is very much important for the people so that they have proper access to the required services in terms of activating them. Once this particular step has been undertaken people can go with the option of placing the order online or on phone with the help of brokers.
  • Selecting the stocks and their contracts depending upon the amount which people have in their hands as well as the margin requirements is vital so that people can deal with the contracts very easily. It is very much advisable for the people to move in a budget-friendly and planned manner so that everything fits perfectly into their budget and overall goals are efficiently achieved.
  • People can go with the option of waiting until the contract has been scheduled to expiry to the settling date and also the cases people have to have a lot of patience throughout the process so that they never make any kind of hasty decisions and unable to make a right kind of decisions all the time without any kind of problem.
  • Being clear about the basic requisites in the whole process is very much important so that people can have a clear-cut idea about the Demat account, trading account and the margin maintenance which will further make sure that people will be able to make the right kind of decisions and achieve their overall goals very easily and efficiently.

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