Learn Foreign Language with Audiobook Courses


Tips for Learning a New Language for Business or Vacation

Audiobooks language courses are a great way to learn foreign languages. A second language is a useful skill to have, whether it is for conversational or business use.

Audiobooks are a great way to learn a foreign language. Audiobooks are highly portable, making it possible to learn a language during the daily commute, at the gym, on a vacation and in many other ways! Digital audiobooks that can be played on tiny mp3 players and mobile phones have made listening to language audiobooks easier than ever before.

Learn Foreign Language with Audiobook Courses
Learn Foreign Language with Audiobook Courses

What Foreign Languages are Available?

The choice of language is immense! It is possible to learn almost any language in the world from audiobooks – and at least one from out of this world (there are Klingon lessons available in audiobook format). As well as European language, such as French, Spanish, Italian and English as a second language, other popular languages include Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

What Formats do Audiobooks Foreign Language Courses Take?

Most audiobook language lessons are in a listen and repeat format. This means that listeners will hear a phrase in the language and they then repeat it back. This helps listeners to familiarize themselves with the sounds of the words and how the language is formulated. Many audiobooks teach conversational or holiday language as this is more straightforward to learn in this format. Vacation language, for instance, generally does not require too much in the way of complicated grammar structure which can be difficult to learn from audiobooks. Audio travel guides are also a useful addition to foreign travel.

Tips to Get the Most From Audiobook Language Courses

  • While it is certainly convenient to listen to an audiobook and start learning a foreign language, here are some key tips that will help:
  • Concentrate! It is easy to ‘switch off’, particularly while doing other activities that need concentration. Learning a language in what ever form requires full attention. It is best to listen at the start of the day when someone is fresh and alert, rather than last thing at night.
  • Repetition – Replaying the audiobook can help to really reinforce elements of a new language. This is particularly helpful when learning vocabulary and understanding the spoken language.
  • Take notes – It is useful to keep a notepad and pen to jot down notes while listening. This is makes a useful reference document. This is also a good way to make notes of questions or queries while listening and these can be followed up later.
  • Other material – While many language audiobooks market themselves as being complete language learning courses, there is no doubt that other material can help. The Internet offers a wealth of language learning resources that can provide a great backup to language audiobooks.

Try for free – Before committing to buy an audiobook language course, why not try the format by taking a free trial from one of the top audiobooks services. Most companies have an extensive range of audiobooks and offer one month of free listening or number of books (from 1 to 3) that you can get at no cost. This can be the ideal way to sample a language course and assess its strengths and weaknesses.

Learning a language can be a very rewarding experience and audiobooks present a great opportunity for self-directed learners.

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