World Liver Day: These 5 Foods Are the Enemies of Your Liver, Use it as Little as Possible.


World Liver Day: Today, World Liver Day is being celebrated all over the world. This special day is celebrated on 19th April every year to make people aware of liver health. The liver is one of the important organs of a person’s body. It helps in keeping the body healthy by flushing out toxins from our body. Everything a person eats has a direct effect on his liver. Today, on the occasion of World Liver Day, tell you about some foods whose regular intake can be harmful to your liver health.

World Liver Day
World Liver Day

Red Meat

Along with the presence of protein in red meat, it is also very difficult to digest. By consuming red meat, there is a risk of liver damage due to the accumulation of protein in the liver. Research says that a high intake of protein without enough carbohydrates can increase liver problems, so green vegetables and starch along with meats and eggs should be consumed in plenty.

Fast Food

Fast foods such as French fries, burgers, pizzas, etc. are fried and also have high amounts of salt and saturated fat. Excessive consumption of these things can cause liver cirrhosis. In addition, heavy fat and other chemicals used in junk food cause severe liver damage.

Ready-to-Eat Food

Ready-to-eat food has a high sodium content. Consuming excessive amounts of sodium causes the fluid within the body to become imbalanced and inhibit the process of filtering the liver.

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Soft Drinks

Consuming soda and soft drinks can also prove to be very dangerous for your liver. Such drinks increase obesity and body fat, which comes out of the storing cell and starts accumulating in the liver. Due to which liver damage starts. Not only this but being fatty of the liver also increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.


Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause liver cells damage. Excessive alcohol consumption decreases liver function and makes it unable to properly remove toxins from the body. Recent studies have proven that consuming three or more glasses of alcohol a day increases the risk of liver cancer.

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