UEFA Euro 2020: French footballer Paul Pogba removed a bottle of beer during a press conference


French footballer Paul Pogba dropped a bottle of beer from the table during a press conference on Wednesday. The press conference was held after the Fans match.

Paul is also a Manchester United midfielder. He is the second player after Cristiano Ronaldo to give such a message during the Euro Cup 2020 tournament. Paul Pogba is a Muslim and does not drink alcohol.

Earlier, Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo also removed a Coca-Cola bottle during a press conference and told people to drink water. The reaction was also welcomed by her fans.

Paul Pogba did not remove the Coca Cola bottle on the table

Paul Pogba’s video goes viral A video of
France’s key player imitating Cristiano Ronaldo is going viral. When Paul attended the press conference after winning the match, a bottle of Heineken beer was placed on his table. He also slid the bottle under the table. Another sight to behold was that Paul Pogba did not place a Coca Cola bottle under the table.

The video went viral on social media within minutes of the countdown. Fans of the footballer also said that Paul is a religious person, so we hoped for his attitude towards beer.

Ronaldo removes a bottle of coke, costing the company millions
Euro Cup defending champions Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo was outraged to see a bottle of cold drink at a press conference. Soft drink company Coca-Cola has lost Rs 30,000 crore after removing the bottle from the desk after the incident. Ronaldo has not broken any kind of deal, nor has he betrayed any company. He had just placed a bottle of soft drink 3-4 feet away from his desk, causing a mountain of crisis to fall overnight on top of the company.

Coca-Cola’s response
Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the UEFA Euro Cup, which is being played in 11 countries. To increase the brand value of the company, it was decided to keep the bottle as a display in all the press conferences. Following the controversy, Coca-Cola issued a statement saying, “We offer soft drinks to the players after any press conference or match.” Now it is his personal choice whether to consume this soft drink or not.


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