Top Reasons Why Companies Choose to Outsource Their NOC


In the modern era, each and every type of business is using some kind of technological solution as we are living in a technology-driven world. In order to run a business successfully, you will surely have to take help from technological solutions and by the look of things, it is very much clear that most of the technological solutions that you will be using in your business will require some sort of IT infrastructure. There is no denial in the fact that there are many technological solutions that you can use without having an IT infrastructure but for most of the technological solutions, you will need a complete IT infrastructure.

Well, most of the people running a business think that only equipping advanced hardware and software systems in their IT infrastructure will be enough to make the most of the IT infrastructure but you should know that this is not true. In addition to equipping your IT infrastructure with the latest technological solutions, you will also have to manage your IT infrastructure well. If you will not be able to manage your IT infrastructure well then you will never be able to maintain the serene environment of your organization and malfunctioning IT infrastructure can prove to be noxious for any business.

Top reasons why companies choose to outsource their NOC
Top reasons why companies choose to outsource their NOC

When we talk about IT infrastructure then we can never forget about NOC services. You should know that NOC is basically the complete IT function of an organization and it includes all the activities that are aimed at maintaining a smooth and serene IT infrastructure. But if you are planning to manage your NOC in-house and if you are running a small or medium-sized business then you will have to face many different types of obstacles. Well, this is the main reason why businesses are flocking to NOC services from Managed IT service providers without any second thought.

If you will choose an MSP for managing your NOC then maintaining the optimal level of the NOC will become compulsory for them and this is because if the MSP will not maintain your NOC well then it will lead to a breach of SLA and this will be a very big issue. So, if you really don’t want to let things spiral out of your control then you will need to outsource your NOC instead of keeping it in-house. But what are the main advantages of opting for NOC services, let’s find out through this blog post.

Financial benefit

You should know that new monitoring tools keep coming up in the market because criminals keep using new techniques in order to take control of your system or hack your data. Well, using such types of tools can prove to be very costly for your business and you should not forget the cost involved in training your employees to deal with the new tool. This type of issue becomes more serious if you are running a small or medium-sized business.

But when you will opt for NOC services, then you will not have to deal with such expenses as the MSP that you will choose will offer you complete service and they will take care of the new threats and hacks as well. You should know that there are many businesses out there that have been able to reduce their overall cost of IT infrastructure management by upto 40% after switching to the effective NOC service. And if you are running a small business then such a shift becomes very necessary since you will always be limited with your budget.

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Improved business focus

If you are running a business then there are 100% chances that you will be looking forward to growing your business and this can’t be done without developing new products or services. And in order to do so, you will need to involve your in-house IT staff in it as the incorporation of technology in the development of any type of product or service is very necessary. And If you will keep your IT staff involved in managing NOC then your IT staff will have too much on the plate and nothing will be managed by them.

This is another major reason why businesses are making a paradigm shift to outsourcing their NOC services by zeroing down the available options of MSP and choosing the best one out of them. But it will not be only you who will be able to focus on the core work as along with you, even you in-house IT employees will be able to do what they have been hired for instead of just making sure that the IT infrastructure is always up and running. If you have limited human resource in you firm then freeing your IT employees and allowing yourself to focus on the core business process becomes very essential.

Better security and compliance

If you are looking forward to managing your NOC on your own then things will soon go haywire, especially when it comes to security and compliance. The modern-day security and compliance world have become very complex and you will need the right resources and skills in order to improve both. Thankfully, MSPs providing NOC services have got the tool, technology, and talent to improve both security and compliance in your firm, and thus your NOC will become the most powerful and secure part of your business.

As you can see there are many reasons why businesses are flocking to outsourcing their NOC management rather than keeping it in-house and if you really want to make the most of your NOC then you should also do the same without any second thoughts. If you will keep managing the security of your IT infrastructure and will try to match the compliance by yourself then you will never be able to give your best since keeping tabs on the latest security practices and threats is very necessary, especially if you are running a small business.

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No need to deal with updates

One of the biggest hassles that you will face if you will keep the IT infrastructure management in-house is dealing with the updates. You should know that the modern technological landscape keeps on evolving at a very fast pace and this is the main reason why it is becoming very challenging for all the businesses out there to match their IT solution and IT infrastructure with what’s trending in the market. And if you will not be able to keep your IT infrastructure updated then you will have to face many different types of problems. From bugs to security issues, outdated IT infrastructure is vulnerable to many different things.

But if you will start using the advanced NOC services then you will never have to worry about keeping your IT infrastructure updated and this is made possible because the IT professionals that will be assigned to your IT infrastructure will take care of the updates as well. But this doesn’t mean that you will lose control on what’s happening in your IT infrastructure.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should make a paradigm shift and move to the NOC services without any second thought. All that you will need to do is to chose a good MSP.


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