Will I Regret Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Regrets, “why does anyone even have regrets?”. You may wonder this as you make decisions that may change your daily life. Regrets are often related to negative features. Maybe you ordered the wrong meal at an ethnic restaurant you once wished you hadn’t or maybe you met the wrong person before in life you wish you hadn’t.

But having a permanent weight loss surgery that can make you healthier, look more attractive, and improve your life… well very few people tend to regret the finer things in life! Better understanding gastric sleeve surgery and the research supporting it can help you be more informed about why a person rarely ever regrets this surgery!

Will I Regret Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Will I Regret Having Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a modern and very safe weight loss surgery that offers patients many advantages. This surgery cuts out a large part of your stomach to prevent added food storage and digestion.

At the same time, gastric sleeve is considered one of the safest types of weight loss surgery on the market since it uses state-of-the-art technology, such as tiny a camera during surgery and, leaves only small cuts on a patient’s abdomen, which are quick to heal.

If you or someone you know may be overweight and/or obese, let’s explain just some of the advantages of how gastric sleeve surgery can help!

Gastric sleeve surgery:

  • Serves as a permanent weight loss solution
  • Works successfully and fast (we’re talking about the possibility of over a hundred pounds lost in just over a year!)
  • Can resolve many of your pre-existing conditions related to obesity (type II diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc)
  • Restricts your food intake, while reducing your hunger and high-calorie cravings!
  • Resolves mental health issues related to obesity (depression, anxiety, social phobias, etc.)
  • Allows you to gain self-confidence, while you develop healthier eating habits and a new active lifestyle!
  • People often say their appearance can become so attractive after this surgery, and they often meet a new special someone. Whereas before, they may have struggled to build meaningful relationships.

Gastric Sleeve Regrets

Gastric sleeve regrets are rare. If anything, patients often say “Well, I only wished I would have gotten gastric sleeve surgery sooner!”. But “why would anyone have gastric sleeve regrets in the first place?” you may ask.

Well, let’s break down the possibilities of why some people may not favor this surgery and debunk them as we go:

  • Some patients may not have lost as much weight as they expected. This reason is mainly due to patients not following the required medical nutritional instructions after surgery that outlines a detailed step-by-step diet.
  • Some patients may have overpaid for this surgery. Well, contacting a medical tourism scheduling provider can drastically cut costs- allowing you to get the same results as a surgery in the US, but at a much more affordable price!
  • Some patients may have chosen the wrong surgeon. Again, having a weight-loss scheduling partner can help you chose a qualified, trusted, experienced surgeon. Choosing the right weight-loss provider can avoid gastric sleeve regrets.

Gastric Sleeve Research

Gastric sleeve research helps educate the public on the success and safety of this surgery. In terms of safety, a study published by the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery Consortium looked at 4,776 patients after a month to show:

  • Gastric sleeve had a death rate of only 0.3%.
  • The complication rate after gastric sleeve surgery was just 4.3%. This complication rate of 4.3% shows the chance of dangerous medical situations arising after surgery.

Another long-term outcome study looked at 2,280 gastric sleeve patients after following up with them after 7 years.

  • Patients showed a weight re-gaining rate of only 27.8% after having gastric sleeve surgery.
  • The need for patients to have additional surgery after gastric sleeve was at a rate of 19.9%.

A further study looked at patient outcomes after 10 years of having gastric sleeve surgery. This study found:

  • The percentage of weight loss patients experienced (from their extra body weight) was 52.5%.
  • Type II diabetes was cured in 64.7% of affected patients.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts on gastric sleeve regrets often come down to if the surgery was successful. Although results cannot be guaranteed, the final successful factors leading to the expected weight loss results depend on patient decisions. Patients are expected to commit to a new healthy lifestyle, including adapting to a diet.

A new diet plan can be challenging for patients. Many may relapse or struggle to accept eating only the approved food choices within the specific stages of recovery. When you’re ready to commit to a better you and healthier tomorrow, don’t regret, call Jet!


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