Why squats are the best workout for your Lower Body?

Benefits of squats: Why squats are the best workout for your Lower Body? Squats are the strengthening moves that provide benefits to your whole body while improving your athletic performance.


Squats are a dynamic body strengthening workout that engages several muscle groups of your body while making them work together simultaneously. It is a useful and dynamic training for gaining muscles & burning maximum calories. Squats are the perfect workout in your “fat-to-fit” or “lean-to-muscular” goal. The muscles groups which complete this body workout engage give you power in performing daily activities like walking, bending, climbing stairs, and carrying loads.

Benefits of Squats

Performing squats as your regular workout routine not only boosts your workout performance, but decreases the risk of getting injured. This article will guide you thoroughly on how squats in the best workout for your lower body.  

Muscle group squats work on?

Squats top the list of the workout which challenges all the major muscles groups in the body. However, its primary target is the muscles found in your lower body.

Following are the muscle groups that are targeted by the squats in your lower body. 

  • Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus
  • Quadriceps (your thighs front)
  • Hamstrings (your thighs back)
  • Adductor (groin)
  • Calves
  • Hip flexors

Besides strengthening your lower body, squats target the core muscles including your rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, obliques, & erector spinae. Some of its variations target your shoulder, chest & back muscles as well. 

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Performing a Basic Squat 

After getting in your bodybuilding clothes start this workout by slightly opening your feet wider than your hip-width. Then by keeping the chest up, engage the abdominals, & start shifting your whole weight on the heels by pushing the hips back to the sitting position. Then start lowering the hips till the thighs come parallel to the ground. And you start feeling squats that you are performing in your thighs & glutes. Take a pause with the knees over, not beyond, the toes. Then exhale & push your body back to the position from where you started.  

Major Benefits of Performing Squats 

Squats are the strengthening moves that provide benefits to your whole body while improving your athletic performance. Following are the major benefits of doing squats 

1) Strengthen the lower body & core muscles

A strong core makes everyday moves such as turning, jumping, bending, and & standing easier. It majorly improves your balance, relieves back pain & helps in maintaining good posture. Performing back squats that activates your core muscles not only reduces injury risk but boosts your athletic performance. Human lower body includes some of the largest & powerful muscle groups of the body. Squats training not only strengthens but tones those muscles of the lower body. Healthy lower body makes daily movements easier and increases the comfort level while relieving pain.

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2) Reduces Injury Risk

Strengthened lower body makes the execution of full body movements easier while increasing your mobility & improved posture that ultimately reduces the risk of getting injured. Performing squats in your daily workout routine strengthens the tendons, ligaments, & bones reduces the pain and stress in joints. 

3) Burns calories & help in Losing Weight

Squats engage major muscle groups of your body; it causes the body to elevate your anabolic hormone level. Which helps in losing fat & building muscle. A person weighing up to 155-pound can approximately burn 223 calories by performing 30-mins of this strength training.

4) Boosts your athletic ability & strength

While competing in some sport, doing jump squats help in developing explosive strength & speed that help with improving the athletic performance. Jumping squat also improves your athletic performance simultaneously, that include sprint & and explosive strength.

Variation of Squats 

Here are few variations of squats that can be done anywhere 

1) Sumo Squats

Sumo squats target your quads, glutes, hams, & calves but specifically targets & strengthen your inner thighs & abductors that are not actively engaged while doing normal squats.

Open your feet shoulder-distance apart, in a way that your feet are pointed towards your body’s center. Put the hands on your chest level and bend your elbows by lowering the body while bending the knees & hip. Keep lowering your body till you experience the pressure on the inner thigh.

2) Jump Squat

It is a high-intensity workout that burns fat at an elevated heart pace & improved blood circulation. It works from top to bottom of your body. Perform this workout by standing on your feet shoulder-distance apart, & squat down till you are in a seated position.  After that squeeze the butt tight & jump explosively and push your legs & heels. Land back by completing one rep. Perform 2-3 sets each with 10-12 reps.


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