Why Is Cable TV Still Worth It


The advancement in technology has changed our lifestyle and the way we lead our life entirely. Comparing our daily routine with the people in the 1990s, we find that today we live our lives with much more ease and comfort than ever before. Technology and the Internet have gradually become a significant part of our lives.

The Internet has not just revolutionized our professional life circle but it also has created several opportunities for those seeking entertainment and fun besides TV. Not too long ago, when we were kids, we used to watch TV in our leisure time. But nowadays, the internet has replaced it by providing several similar and innovative features which include watching videos, listening to songs, and playing games to name a few.

Why Is Cable TV Still Worth It
Why Is Cable TV Still Worth It

Even though the internet has managed to win the hearts of the masses, but everything has its value. We can’t overlook the exclusive benefits of having Cable TV services like Spectrum cable because of the new exciting features of the internet now. Several people switched towards the internet and internet-based content for replacing their cable TV service. Nonetheless, there still are a few people that understand the importance of Cable TV over the internet. Most of you might have put your TV in the storeroom. But you should not be doing this as you can still have more out of your old but worthy Cable TV.

In this article, we are further going to dig into the discussion are the reasons why cable TV is still worth it. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

  • Cable TV is still a source of pure entertainment that serves you with numerous TV channels, DVR service, and on-demand content that you can watch and get tailored packages along with other internet and phone services. Something you cannot have any alternative service in the market. You would be paying a separate internet bill with a certain amount of excessive data so you can conveniently watch your preferred online entertainment.
  • You have the remote in your hands. You press the buttons and change the TV channels to watch your favourite shows or news channel without buffering or facing issues during peak hours. Cable TV does not have downtime. So, when you cut off your Cable TV subscription, you’ll lose this freedom.
  • Comparing to the internet, you’ll have to buy multiple subscriptions for watching different channels online. It would put an extra load on your monthly expenses. And even after spending that much, you’ll not be able to have access to as many channels as you have access to while using a single Cable TV subscription. Therefore, switching back to your Cable TV would not be a bad idea! (if you have already moved)
  • Internet is by far the most popular source of information and entertainment. But in comparison to a Cable TV network, it seems a bit restricted and put limits on users as well. The information and entertainment are scattered and you have to find out which one you would want to watch. The quantity and options can become so overwhelming whereas when you are watching Cable TV, you have the freedom to switch as many channels as you want. The ones you have subscribed to under one Cable subscription.
  • Not many streaming services or online platforms offer sports coverage predominantly live sports. Something cable TV service is winning at so far!
  • You rely on your internet connection and subscription for accessing and enjoying your online content. Converse to it, cable TV doesn’t need anything to function besides electricity and a TV set (obviously).
  • Some customers find the cable bills expensive but end up paying more than a few bills making almost the same amount ultimately.

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Final Thoughts

Cable TV service allows you a well-organized list of TV channels, and you can watch them whenever you want, without buying subscriptions for each channel. Hence, it is true that you can have access to anything through the internet. But the Cable TV is in itself a champion. It doesn’t eliminate your freedom of watching numerous channels. All you need is a Cable TV with a single Cable Subscription! Almost all the cable TV services have their apps which enables the customers to stay hooked even when they step out so you enjoy hybrid services under one bill. With a DVR that comes with cable service only, you can record something and watch it later at your convenience.

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