What to Add in Your Essential Kit for Next Motorcycle Trip


If you own a two-wheeler, you must have planned a road trip at least once. If you haven’t, you are missing out on so many things that you must consider right now.

Breezy wind along with sunset can help you feel refreshed and work as an escape from this monotonous life, a road trip will help you feel a lot better. Most of the time, there are groups of motorcycle owners who plan group tours and you have a lot less to say, all you do is follow their path and you will be able to share their equipment, their camps and everything that they use.

What to Add in Your Essential Kit for Next Motorcycle Trip
What to Add in Your Essential Kit for Next Motorcycle Trip

However, if you want to experience a trip in its true sense, you should start by planning out everything on your own. This will give you the sense of freedom and you will be able to make a stop wherever you want whenever you want.

If you are just a beginner and you have never packed for a road trip before, you should start by doing it right now. You can watch a few videos if you like, however, for a simple essential kit for a road trip, we have listed down a few things that can help you.

Tool Kit

If you want to have a checklist for your saddlebags essential, your tool kit should be at the top of the list. For the tool kit, it is better to customize it rather than buying a random tool kit from any medical store. Usually, for the motorcycle, there are toolkits available according to the brand, and all the equipment within these toolkits are compatible with the brand. It is a good choice; otherwise, you must make your own toolkit according to your requirement. One main reason that you should assemble your own tool kit is because when you drive around, you will figure out in detail about your motorcycle and the kind of issues it mainly faces, this will help you get the equipment that you will need the most.


Just like the vehicle needs food, you also need food which is the reason you must carry eatables with you at all times. You need to make sure you are carrying something that is small in size, which means you can’t bring chips or other snacks; however you can carry something that has better calorie count and has a small size. Carry protein bars, granola, and food if you are going somewhere. Usually, this is quite a challenge to carry can food and we would only recommend it to you if you are going camping, however, carrying honey is advised in almost all kinds of journeys.


After you are done loading yourself with eatables, you need to bring the fuel of your motorcycle along as well. In most cases, you will be brought patrol or diesel along however, if there is any other power source, you must also get that along. Apart from fuel, it is even better to bring along lubricants that you can use in case there is some wear and tear or if you feel you are hearing a voice from your machinery.


Water is one thing that will be common between you and your two-wheeler partner in crime. No matter however you are going, bringing a water bottle along is always necessary. It is recommended to bring two water bottles, one for yourself and one for your motorcycle. This will not limit you to use water only for one purpose, however, you can always switch between the bottles depending on your needs.

Protective Gears

No matter where you are doing, bringing protective gear along always helps you. We recommend you pack a small kit and add every equipment you will need according to the weather. If you are travelling in winters, add plugin warm-ups, gloves, cap and other things that you might need. However, if you are travelling in summers, you can carry along sunglasses, windshield, handkerchiefs etc. this will be used in case it’s too hot and you want to dip the handkerchief and use it to protect your head from direct sunlight and heat. Apart from the other things, pack a small first-aid kit as well.  You can add bandage, dressing, and antiseptic solution with you as well.


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