We Need to Hug Our Loved Ones – Happy Hug Day


Hug day is the seventh day of Valentine’s week which is celebrated every year on 13th of February especially by the youths as well as interested people of any age group. Earlier it was the western culture event, however, started celebrating everywhere in all regions of the words.

You can celebrate this day with your loved once by sort out all the tiffs by hugging your beloved one. On this auspicious day, you can celebrate it by baking cake together, which will be quite helpful by working together as a team, with that it will help you to bring them much closer. According to our opinion, you can celebrate this day with your parents and siblings by hugging them and showing your love to them. If you want to make this day more effective just steal some time from your routine busy schedule and spend some time with them to show your love. You can show your love to your loved one by writing a quote on social media by using the hashtag #HappyHugDay.

It is believed that when two people hug their heartbeat synchronize each other’s rhythm and beat together. Hugging is the best way to say you care. There is also research will say that one needs four hugs a day to survive and around eight to grow. Hugs can prove to be a healing agent and there is nothing more warming. Pass on a warming hug to the ones around to tell them how much they mean to you, be it your partner, your mother/father/sibling this Valentine Week.

We Need to Hug Our Loved Ones - Happy Hug Day

I mean like getting a hug from your parents is the best thing you can get when you wake up in the morning. I have curated some beautiful reasons as to why hugging our loved ones is really important for everybody out here. Hug day is also for lovers and couples so that they can let their soulmate know how much they support and love them.

Hug Day is one of the most special days of the valentine week which is celebrated by the people of all age group by hugging each other. They hug their partner, friend, loved ones and etc very tightly to express their love and affection. A hug is a process of meeting each other very tightly in standing position. It has the capability to relieve one from any problems and freshens the mind. If one person hugs another person, it makes him feel like he has been hugged by his loved ones.

Hugging has a lot of health benefits as well as it brings natural and feeling of being loved by someone. It may enhance the psychological and physical development of the person being hugged. It builds up and strengthens the immune system and decreases the risk of chronic heart diseases by decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol level, in blood. It has been proved that a hug of just 20 seconds brings a lot of happiness as well as enhances the level of oxytocin hormone. It prevents the persons hugging each other from the high blood pressure and high heart rate. It makes the person feels very relax and comfortable after getting hugged by anyone.


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