Visiting These 8 Countries Will Change Your Life


Traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people is a life-changing experience that everyone should have. Apart from being exciting and adventurous, traveling can change the way you think; it allows you to learn new ideas, and form a fantastic personality.

Travelling allows you to become a citizen of the world and witness our planet’s true beauty in its different forms. From the northern lights in Iceland to the world’s tallest mountain in Nepal, here are eight amazing countries that you should visit to change your life.

8 Best Life Changing Holiday Destinations in the World

Iceland: Top Tourist Destination in the World

Iceland: Top Tourist Destination in the World

Iceland is one of the most fascinating and peaceful destinations in the entire world. This beautiful Nordic island is popular because of its breathtaking natural beauty and unique terrain. The unique combination of Glaciers in the north and the several volcanic mountains in Iceland are the reason for the many natural hot springs that it is famous for.

Iceland is also one of the few places where you can see the northern lights, which is truly an otherworldly experience. So, remember to bring an excellent spotting scope to make the majestic view even more spectacular. Though some people think that spotting scopes can be expensive, you can check out some online reviews for the long range scopes under $500.

If you want to experience the true beauty of Iceland, don’t forget to visit Thingvellir national park, and the blue lagoon hot spring resort.

You should also take some time to explore the fantastic capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. Most of Iceland’s population resides in or around Reykjavik, and it has some incredible museums, restaurants, and other attractions to check out.

Iceland is a truly unique country, and visiting it will change your life.

Japan: Best Holiday Destinations 2021

Japan Travel Destination

Japan is a fantastic country with a unique and fascinating culture. On one hand, the Japanese cities like Tokyo and Kyoto are extremely busy and crowded, but as you move towards the ruler side of Japan, you will see much slower-paced life.

Japan is one of the most cultured countries in the world, even in the massive cities, you can see the enormous presence and appreciation of the Japanese cultural norms.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Japan is the people; they are very hardworking, honorable, humble, and hospitable. Japan is a country which will change your life, as you can learn a lot from its culture, way of life, and people.

Don’t forget to visit the Tokyo sky tree, an amazing skyscraper in Tokyo with an observation deck to check out the amazing skyline. Check out eh Osaka castle, Kiyomizu-Dera temple, and Mount Fuji as well.

If soul searching is what’s on your mind, that there might not be any destination better than Nepal. Nepal is a very peaceful country, and around 70 percent of the landscape is covered with forests.

Nepal: Best Places to Travel During COVID

Nepal: Best Places to Travel During COVID

Nepal is a very affordable and extremely fascinating place to travel. Nepal is home to the tallest mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest, and if you want an extremely adventurous trip that will change your life, you can consider climbing it.

Though that is a very dangerous endeavor, you can also have an epic experience hiking to the base camp, with a tour guide. There are several spiritual Buddhist monasteries on the way, and you can stop at one of the teahouses to relax and rest.

There is something unexplainable about being alone at one of the highest points on earth, which gives you a surreal sense of self-awareness and emotional clarity. While you are in Nepal, you should also visit the Annapurna Sanctuary, an oval-shaped glacial basin plateau. It is at an altitude of over 4000 meters and is surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains.

Hiking on the majestic snowy mountains of Nepal will be an enlightening and once in a lifetime adventure.


Best Places to Travel During COVID

Pakistan is a country that is portrayed very inaccurately on the news. Most people believe that it is a desert, with terrorists everywhere, whereas the truth is totally on the contrary. Granted that Pakistan had some issues with terrorism, but that was a long time ago, these days Pakistan is a safe destination to travel, and it is one of the best on this list.

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world, with almost every kind of terrain known to man, in a small region. There are glaciers, valleys, plains, coastal areas, and deserts in Pakistan.

A visit to Pakistan can be genuinely life-changing, especially when you meet the people over there. You have probably never met people so hospitable and caring. Furthermore, the foods and vibrant cities of Pakistan are also an attraction.

If you want to experience some of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, you should visit places like the Narran in the northern region of Pakistan.

Italy: Top Tourist Destination in the World

Italy: Top Tourist Destination in the World

Italy is one of the most amazing and joyful destinations to travel in the world. It has a lot of culture and history that attracts many people from all over the world. From historical cities like Rome and Venice to romantic towns and villages, Italy has many amazing places to visit.

Though there is no exceptional natural beauty in the landscape of Italy, the romantic cities and extremely hospitable people seem to take the spotlight. Venice is one of the most unique and fascinating cities in Italy. There are no roads in the canal city, and living there and exploring this marvelous city is an exceptional experience.

If you want to visit someplace rather than the cities, the romantic small town and villages in Italy won’t disappoint. There are many small B&Bs in ruler Italy, which can be an absolute delight to visit.

If you want to visit someplace rather than the cities, the romantic small town and villages in Italy won’t disappoint. There are many small B&Bs in ruler Italy, which can be an absolute delight to visit.

South Africa: Top 10 Holiday Destinations 2021

South Africa: Top 10 Holiday Destinations 2021

South Africa is an excellent travel destination that offers an exciting combination of landscape, culture, and cuisine. It is one of the best countries to visit in Africa, and it is a great place to reconnect with nature.

Visit the Kruger National Park and the Table Mountain national park to experience the exceptional natural beauty of South Africa. You can also go on wildlife safaris, which is a great way to reconnect with nature. Moreover, watching the animals in their natural habitat can be quite fascinating.

If you want to relax and enjoy the fantastic South African beaches, you should add the Cape of Good Hope and Boulders Beach to your preferred destinations.

Turkey: Top Holiday Destinations 2021

Turkey: Top Holiday Destinations 2021

Turkey is one of the few transcontinental countries globally, as half of it falls in Europe while the other half is in Asia. Turkey has a unique culture and a lot of amazing landscapes. Overall, visiting turkey will be a once in a lifetime experience that will change your perspective on life.

Istanbul is one of the most popular cities in Turkey; it is the city that connects Europe and Asia and is known for its fantastic architecture from the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. The Grand Bazar, Bosphorus bridge, Blue mosque, and Hagia Sophia are popular tourist attractions in Istanbul.

Antalya, Kusadasi, and Marmaris are some of the resort towns that you should consider visiting while you are in Turkey.

Norway: Best Place To See the Northern lights

Norway: Best Place To See the Northern lights aurora borealis

The Arctic country of Norway is one of the fascinating countries in the world. It is also known as the land of the midnight sun because from early May to late July; the sun does not set in Norway. The days are usually 20 hours long, and it doesn’t get completely dark in the remaining four hours.

Apart from this fascinating feature, Norway has a lot of other attractions for tourists as well. The cities boast some excellent examples of Scandinavian design, and the landscape is truly breathtaking.

You should take some time to visit Geirangerfjord and Pulpit rock, two of the most beautiful places in Norway.


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