Viral video of outdoor gym equipment moving by itself? Jhansi Police reveal the real reason read here


Jhansi park’s ‘ghost exercise’ video of an outdoor gym equipment has gone all kinds of viral on social media because it captures the machine moving by itself.

Jhansi Viral video of outdoor gym equipment moving by itself

Now, many are sharing the video calling it a paranormal activity. To be precise, some people on social media are suggesting that it’s done by “ghosts”.

The video shows a group of policemen standing around an equipment placed in a park. In the video, the cops are recording something highly unusual, the machine moving all by itself without anyone operating it.

Jhansi Police took to Twitter to reveal the real reason behind the outdoor gym equipment moving all by itself.

Meanwhile, the Jhansi Police on Saturday (June 13) quashed rumours of the paranormal activity, claiming that the video was shot at Kanshiram Park in Nandanpura, and instead was a mischievous prank by someone.

The police officers, who went to the park to investigate the matter, said that due to the presence of an excessive amount of grease, the equipment once moved, keeps moving for a few seconds. The police said that some mischievous person made a video of the moving swing and shared on social media, thus creating panic among people. “Miscreants will be hosted in a ‘haunted’ lockup soon,” the Jhansi Police said in a concluding statement.

The police concluded the tweet by saying that the claim that “ghosts” are moving the machine fake and no one should pay any heed to such news.


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