US Election Results 2020 Live updates: Joe Biden to be next US President after win in Pennsylvania

US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates and News: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden each need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Biden leads in Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin, while Trump is ahead in North Carolina and Georgia. Click for latest update of USA election results.


US Presidential Election Results 2020 Live news updates: Joe Biden to be next US President after win in Pennsylvania


Biden leads in Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin, while Trump is ahead in North Carolina and Georgia.

Joe Biden to be next US President after win in Pennsylvania

US Election Results 2020 Live updates: Donald Trump and his Democratic Party rival Joe in the US presidential election. Biden is seen to have a thorn collision. However, incumbent Republican President Trump claimed ‘fraud’ on Wednesday in the counting of votes and said he would go to the Supreme Court to stop it.

The counting of millions of votes is still going on and the results are yet to be announced in many important states. Both Trump and Biden have stated that they are going to win the 2020 presidential election. This election is one of the most divisive and bitter elections in US history.

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US Election Results Live updates and news

Biden vs Trump: Margin in battleground states:

Arizona: Biden leads by 47,052
Nevada: Biden leads by 11,438
Georgia: Trump leads by 665
North Carolina: Trump leads by 76,737
Pennsylvania: Trump leads by 18,229

  • In the state of Nevada, Biden is ahead with 604,251 votes(49.43%), while Trump has garnered a total of 592,813 votes (48.50%) so far, as per the latest update.
  • Judges in Georgia and Michigan quickly dismissed Trump campaign lawsuits, undercutting a campaign legal strategy to attack the integrity of the voting process.
  • President Donald Trump’s campaign said it would ramp up legal efforts to challenge vote counts in closely-contested states in the US election on Thursday, and said it would file a lawsuit alleging voter fraud in Nevada, which is still counting ballots.
  • Trump again seeks to stop counting of votes
  • Donald Trump, with 214 electoral votes, faces a much higher hurdle. To reach the 270, he needed to claim all four remaining battlegrounds: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada.
  • Under 25,000 ballots left to be counted in Georgia, says secretary of state
  • “Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it,” tweeted Biden
  • Going into Election Day, market participants fretted about possibly waking up to an unclear result. But with that outcome realized, they seemed remarkably calm about not knowing the winner of the U.S. presidential race. As it turns out, the likelihood of continued gridlock on Capitol Hill provided some solace. Wall Street’s fear gauge plummeted as U.S. stocks surged on Wednesday, which investors attributed to near-certainty of a divided Congress. Republicans appeared likely to maintain control of the Senate, diminishing the prospect of a Democratic sweep in Washington, Reuters reports
  • Democrats and Republicans girded Wednesday for a legal showdown to decide the winner of the tight presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden. After Trump declared overnight he was ready to go to the US Supreme Court to dispute the counting of votes, his campaign announced a demand for a recount in Wisconsin and lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania, three states which each side needs to win the presidency.
  • Politicians Do Not Decide Who Wins, US Electoral Process Needs Time to Tabulate Votes: Human Rights Watch
  • We Believe We Will be the Winners, Says Biden

Biden campaign seeks donation for ‘election preservation efforts’

Joe Biden wins Wisconsin, Arizona; Trump campaign files lawsuit in Michigan to halt counting of votes

As per Reuters, Republican incumbent Senator Collins has claimed victory in Maine.

Republican US Senator Susan Collins said her Democratic challenger has called to concede the race. “This is an affirmation of the work that I’m doing in Washington,” Collins told reporters. Her rival, Democrat Sarah Gideon, has scheduled an announcement.

Trump campaign says it will request for a recount of votes in Wisconsin

Trump said he sees Biden’s vote everywhere in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. This is very bad for our country.


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