Top 5 Oscar-winning movies in the 21st century

Oscar is a prestigious award that any actor and crew would wish to receive. So what are the five Oscar-winning movies in the 21st century?


The Oscar-winning films not only invest carefully in terms of image and technical quality but also contain a lot of profound human meanings conveyed to viewers. What are the 5 best Oscar movies in the 21st century? Join us to explore them now.

Parasite (2019)

Duration: 132 minutes
Director: Bong Joon-ho
Actors: Song Kang-ho, Choi Woo-shik, Cho Yeo-jeong, Park So-dam, Lee Sun-kyun
IMDb score: 8. 6/10
Award: Best Film Oscar 2019

The film topped the list of 10 best Oscar-winning films of all time is the Parasite film from “Kimchi country”.

Parasite- the film won big at the Oscars
Parasite- the film won big at the Oscars/

The film takes place in modern Korea. The main character in the movie is a poor family of 4 members. His father Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) and his mother Choong-sook (Jang Hye-jin) are unemployed at home, and receive a box of pizza every day to make money to make ends meet.

The eldest son Ki-woo (Choi Woo-sik) is now at home as a helper after 4 failed university exams, his sister Ki-jung (Park So-dam) also quit school due to not being able to pay the tuition.

All 4 members kept crowded in a shabby apartment, so needy that the electricity was cut off, they had to run every meal.

One day, Ki-woo is introduced to him as an English tutor to the daughter of a wealthy family. Overwhelmed by the homeowner’s property, he plans to bring his whole family into the rich but easy-to-trust home.

One way or another, each person, in turn, becomes part of a wealthy family under different roles. Thought they would quickly change their lives when they could stick to the giants’ house, but a series of events happened that suddenly turned their lives upside down.

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La La Land – Dreamers (2016)

Duration: 128 minutes
Directed by: Damien Chazelle
Actors: Finn Wittrock, J. K. Simmons, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt, Meagen Fay.
IMDb score: 8.0 / 10
Award: Best Film Oscar 2016

The movie begins when Mia (Emma Stone) is an amateur actress and barista who meets Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) a jazz musician. With career failures, Mia and Sebastian have come face to face with each other many times, they sympathize with each other in art.

Sebastian led Mia to a jazz nightclub, explaining his strong passion for jazz and his desire to own a club of his own, and then encouraged her to become an actress.

The film closes with the scene five years later, Mia becomes a famous actor and marries another man (Tom Everett Scott). One night, her husband noticed a jazz bar after dinner.

They turn in and Mia realizes it is Sebastian’s nightclub, thanks to Seb’s logo she created for him earlier. Sebastian, seeing Mia in the crowd of spectators.

While he is playing Mia & Sebastian’s Theme, their commemorative song, Mia and Sebastian imagine a different life between them after meeting at Bill’s restaurant.

The song ends when Mia and her husband leave the shop. Before leaving, Mia and Sebastian looked at each other one last time and then smiled happily at the dreams they had achieved.

12 Years A Slave (2013)

Duration: 134 minutes
Directed by: Steve McQueen
Actors: Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sarah Paulson, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Paul Giamatti, Alfre Woodard
IMDb score: 8.1 / 10
Award: Best Film Oscar 2013

12 Years A Slave- a film full of humanistic meaning
12 Years A Slave- a film full of humanistic meaning /

The film begins in 1841, with the main character being the violinist Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) – a free-colour man with a happy family with his wife and two children in New York. One day, he was approached by two white men and offered to join them to play music for a decent salary.

After a night of drinking with the two men, Solomon woke up in a room covered with straw with his hands and feet chained.
Only then did he understand that he had been put into a coma so that the ruthless people could sell him into slavery. Faced with his captors, Solomon claims to be a free man.

Along with other people of colour, Solomon was taken to New Orleans to be sold as a commodity. Seeing his companions mistreated and a woman even separated from her children, Solomon understood that no bright future awaits him.

To survive, he had to completely forget the past as Solomon and accept his new identity as the Platt slave given the name of the human trafficker. His 12-year long journey of exile began when he was sold to Mr Ford, but fate has also caused him to encounter and suffer both mental and physical torture ever since.

These encounters make up the emotional journey of Solomon Northup – who lives amid hell on earth but never once lost the dignity of a free man.

Life Of Pi – The Life Of Pi (2012)

Duration: 127 minutes
Director: Ly An
Actors: Adil Hussain, Suraj Sharma, Gerard Depardieu, Irrfan Khan, Tabu, Rafe Spall
IMDb score: 7.9 / 10
Award: Best Film Oscar 2012

The film won the best Oscar of all time - Life Of Pi
The film won the best Oscar of all time – Life Of Pi /

The main plot of the movie Life of Pi begins when Pi’s father decides to take the whole family and the animals in his zoo across the sea to Canada. Unfortunately, the ship was sunk by a massive storm.

Pi is the only survivor on the lifeboat with a hyena, zebra, mouse, orangutan and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. In the end, with only Pie and Richard left, alone in the middle of the ocean, Pi had to find a way to befriend and survive with this wild friend.

Life of Pie is a song that praises belief in life despite many difficulties. The challenges Pi has to go through are the challenges that each of us must go through in life.

The Artist (2011)

Duration: 100 minutes
Directed by: Michel Hazanavicius
Actors: Bérénice Bejo, Jean Dujardin
IMDb score: 7.9 / 10
Award: Best Film Oscar 2011

The silent film The Artist is a journey back in time that takes viewers back to the 1920s. The story takes place in Hollywood, the cradle of the film industry.

The main character is George Valentin, a leading actor famous thanks to silent movies. Grooming body, dashing appearance, amorous eyes, trimmed moustache, Valentin (built in the style of Douglas Fairbanks and Rudolph Valentino) sobbing a series of hearts, depressing women’s souls.

Among his admirers is Peppy Miller (played by Bérénice Bejo), a supporting actor who later becomes a screen star. The two met by chance for the first time in 1927. The turn of life made each person choose a different path before reuniting a few years later.

The above films are all rated films by film experts and critics. To feel and have better reviews, please check out the movies above.

We hope that you will have a good time enjoying the movie.


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