Top 5 Best 32 Inch LED TVs to Consider Purchasing


These days, everyone considers buying a smart TV and it is a given that the larger the display, the better your viewing experience. Besides this, on larger screens, brands claim that new advancements like QLED technology and the like adhere better. Also, the digital audio systems fit better on big screens. You may think that the 32-inch LED TV has no place in such a market. However, even though large screens are quite affordable these days, they may still not be everyone’s cup of tea. For one thing, a 32-inch TV is good for average Indian homes where room sizes are small and a large TV simply doesn’t fit, even if it is wall-mounted. Then again, many 32-inch TVs are desired as an additional TV, in a guest room or a child’s room. Lastly, the average Indian consumer may not view large screen TVs’ price tags as affordable, although these have come down now. So, from top brands like Sony, LG and Haier, you can still get a proficient 32-inch LED TV and you will be amazed at how good these models can be.

Top 5 Best 32 Inch LED TVs to Consider Purchasing
Top 5 Best 32 Inch LED TVs to Consider Purchasing

What You Can Expect in a 32 Inch TV

From top brands like Samsung, Sony, Hisense, LG, Lloyd, Kodak and Haier, you can buy a great 32-inch TV. In a Haier TV, for instance, you get superb technology in robust TVs that give you premium performance. You can check out brands like TCL and Mi, which are up-and-coming in the LED smart TV segment. Furthermore, smaller screens don’t mean these TVs aren’t good enough. So what should you expect in a 32-inch LED TV? To begin with, size is not everything. You still get a smart TV and all its benefits like streaming apps such as Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix and many more at the click of a remote. You may not get 4K resolution or mesmerising OLED or QLED technology, but you will get adept HD or Full HD resolution.

The best 32-inch TVs are no slouches in the resolution department, with 1080p resolution being the order of the day. Some even come equipped with HDR, which is a high dynamic range — a feature that enhances contrast and is every little bit as mind-blowing as 4K resolution. Let’s look at five TVs that will make you proud to be a 32-inch LED TV owner.

Top 5 32 Inch LED TV Range

Here are some premium small TVs that will give you an impressive TV viewing experience and won’t hurt your pocket either.

  • TCL Series 3 Roku TV – With a 32-inch LED display and a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, you can be sure of crisp picture quality, whether you are live streaming videos or playing games. The TV offers you a lot for the price it is being offered at. Packing in Full HD resolution, full-array dimming which is direct (no edge lighting) and a smooth performing Roku OS which is found on all the top TCL TVs today, you get substantial app support in this smart TV. Three HDMI ports enable a vast amount of connectivity too.
  • LG 32LK628BPTF LED Smart TV – An impressive AI system rules this TV and intuitively manages functions through voice recognition (your voice commands). In a line of ThinQ TVs, LG’s offering assures you quality and high performance. Active HDR gives you picture details with lifelike colour and supports HDR formats like HLG Pro. This TV lets you dual-task — you can browse the internet while watching a movie, for instance. You can buy LG 32 Inch TV online at lowest EMI at Bajaj Finserv EMI Store
  • Sony Bravia HD Ready LED TV – The Sony Bravia 32W6100 is ‘smartness’ personified, as you get entertainment curated to fit your individual requirements. The TV has one feature that makes it stand out from its competitors, and that is that it works incredibly fast. You get to browse your favourite apps and channels directly from the remote, instead of sifting through a menu on the screen.
  • Haier Smart HD Ready LE32W2000 – In a Haier TV, you get price plus performance in a neat deal. You can mirror your smartphone screen on the LED display of the TV with Wi-Fi connectivity. Uniquely, this TV also boasts brilliant sound quality, much like that you get in a cinema hall.
  • Samsung HD Ready 32-inch Smart TV – Samsung’s UA32T4350AKXXL model is not just glossy black on the outside but has a lot of shiny features inside too. With a picture contrast enhancer that Samsung is popular for, you get richer depth and undeniable vibrancy in picture quality. The HDR on this TV gives you superior quality for night scenes, and images are clear in dim light and darkness. Not ignoring audio output, this Samsung TV promises great virtual sound as a distinctive plus.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store Has it All

Buying a small TV doesn’t mean you get any lower in TV performance or value. Technology today delivers the best 32 inch LED TV through a host of brands that you can find at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You get deals and discounts that make your purchases sweeter and you can buy without concern if you use your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. By using the EMI Network Card, you can purchase your preferred TV on No Cost EMI.

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