Top 10 Travel Destinations in The World


Are you a solo traveller or planning to family vacation after this corona crisis?

Following are The 10 Best Travel Places to Visit in 2020.

Top 10 Places to Visit in The World

1. Sicily, Italy

The island of Sicily is rightfully considered one of the most incredible places in the world. Take, for example, the famous Valley of Temples, where the remains of seven Doric temples are stored right in the middle of beautiful landscapes with olive trees and almond groves.

Sicily also has some unusual villages. Especially such an interesting village, which is called Noto. It has the rare authenticity of baroque architecture and limestone facades.

2. Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche is the northern part of Patagonia. It is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts, as it has many beautiful lakes and scenic spots. Ideal for walks or cycling, as well as golf and water games.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the perfect combination of misty mountains, colourful hill tribe and adventure.

Among the most interesting are it is a paradise for shoppers and a delight for adventurers, Chiang Mai is known for its rich in culture, traditional markets, best temples and museums.

4. Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda and It is “Africa’s cleanest city. Kigali is known for its excellent art exhibitions, fashionable clothes, tailors and hair salons and even a coffee cooperative run by women who make the best coffee in the world.

For those who are going to Kigali, We would advise you to watch a couple of films – “Hotel Rwanda” and “Shooting Dogs.” This hotel still exists, and there is also the Museum of Genocide in the city.

5.Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv will certainly appeal to lovers of delicious food, lovers of parties and entertainment.

And the atmosphere of the holiday and something unusual will be remembered by vacationers for a long time and will make them return here more than once. In Israel, you can relax on the sea, enjoying the full comfort in fashionable hotels. On the beaches of white sand, there are many restaurants and cafes.

6. Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, just an unrealistic amount of different attractions from neon-lit skyscrapers to historic temples, it mixes the ultramodern and the traditional.

You can explore completely different places, from ancient temples, traveling on one of the world’s best subways. And in 2021, it was Tokyo that hosted the Olympics.

7. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the coolest city in Africa. It is considered the most modern and safest. Cape Town is attractive for family trips, as well as for wealthy travelers and adventure seekers. The nearby Stellenbosch wine region, famous for its pinotage wine, is an ideal place for enophiles.

8. Puerto Rico, USA

Puerto Rico island Enjoying the beautiful beaches on an island in the Caribbean, you can perform a noble function – to help restore the area from a hurricane.

Tourists have the opportunity to combine sightseeing with volunteer work through non-profit organizations such as Para La Naturaleza.

9. Kaliningrad, Russia

Kaliningrad is a very green city, there are many parks and squares, and nature waking up with the onset of heat is a delightful sight. Best attractions in Kaliningradis its Museum of the World Ocean, Amber Museum, Kaliningrad Cathedral.

10. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu – Picchu is the most attractive place in the world and was named one of the best places for tourists in 2020. Machu Picchu is a mysterious region with the ruins of an ancient settlement located at an altitude of 2430 meters.

Machu Picchu is not just one of the most iconic symbols of the Inca empire, its ruins are also considered the most beautiful in the world.


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