Tips to Cope with Stress and Anxiety During covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreak


Digital technology is playing a significant role in the COVID-19 era by keeping us functional during lockdowns and quarantine period. And these technologies may have a long-lasting impact beyond COVID-19

Here Anthony Constantinou will discuss some important technology that helps entrepreneur and society to conduct their business operation and day to day activities easily. How we trade, how we do business, how we perform daily chores, how we buy goods, how we teach, how we learn, how we get health care services, and how we get entertained daily are the part of digital inclination in COVID-19 era.

How to Managing stress and anxiety Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Significant use of Telehealth

Telehealth is effective to hold the spread of Coronavirus by providing necessary primary care at home. Doctors and patients use wearable devices to track and monitor health signs such as levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, fat in a body. Chatbots are helpful to get initial diagnoses according to the symptoms identified by digital devices.

Significant use of Online Entertainment

Quarantine periods keep people away from everyone and reduce human interactions give rise to online entertainment. Human shows creativity and now set the party online. Online concert streaming has gain high attention around the world. All heritage sites and museums are providing virtual tours to the people.

Significant use of Online Shopping

COVID-19 has changed the shopping mode completely. Instead of going market for small items, people give preference to online shopping in any condition. Online orders and delivery have raise all around the world. Online shopping is highly supported by a strong logistics system. Many firms are providing contactless delivery services with the help of advanced technology equipment and robots.

Significant use of Digital Platforms to make Payments

Cash might have the virus, so people are moving toward contactless digital payments. The digital platforms are offering all kinds of cards or e-wallets payments services to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Digital payments are encouraging people to stay at home for long and get all goods and services at their doorstep.

Significant use of technology in a distance learning program

Nearly all countries shut down the schools, colleges, universities and introduced an online classes program for the COVID-19 era. The institutions started providing online courses to make sure education was not affected by Coronavirus. The institutions ensure nothing must be disturbed by quarantine measures. Virtual reality, 3D printing, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are helping teachers to reach their students virtually and offer the same education as it was before the COVID-19 era.

Significant use of Remote Working

Employees of all the companies are working from home these days. Work from home is in trend. Remote working is possible through the use of virtual private network technology, cloud technology, voice over internet protocols, virtual meetings, hardware and software tools, etc. Not only it reduces human gathering and prevent the spread of viruses, but remote working also saves time, money and offers more flexibility to the workers.

Significant use of 3D Printing

3D printing technology helps maintain a strong supply chain around the world. It offers flexibility in manufacturing as the same printer can be used to make different products with different design files and materials. Its simple parts are easy to take onsite. It does not need a lengthy procurement procedure and a lengthy wait for the order to deliver.

Significant use of Global Supply Chain

The COVID-19 epidemic has formed disruptions to the worldwide supply chain. Some manufacturing units are already closed with social distancing and quarantine orders, while demand for products is rising continuously. Demand for food and personal protective equipment are at a large level and in order to meet the demand with less employee, many ventures are using revolutionary technologies like Cloud computing, Big Data, and blockchain. These technologies maintain a flexible supply chain system and offer the great accuracy of data by providing adequate data sharing options.

Significant use of Robotics Technology

COVID-19 is making everyone realize that the world heavily relies on human interactions and now we are moving towards robots to keep ourselves safe from the virus. Labor intensive entities such as manufacturing, retail, and manufacturing and logistics are using robotic technology to smoothly conduct their operation. Many countries are using robots to disinfect areas and deliver food to their needs. Drones are proving helpful to check all areas, and even deliver the items to doorstep.


COVID-19 has confirmed the significance of digital inclination in the future. It helps companies as well as human to live a normal life during the pandemic. Building the essential infrastructure to maintain a digitized world and keep on advancing in the latest technology is required today to remain competitive in a world after the COVID-19 era ends. It’s important to take an exclusive approach to raise the technology governance around the world.

The research shows that approximately 200 million people have been affected by COVID-19 in terms of losing jobs, secured fiancés, and health conditions. The financial burden has been increasing in the weaker society. However, digitization has sped up changes in many sectors and it will continue to do so. Digital technology is helping society more resiliently in the pandemic era.


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