The trends in Allandale real estate


If you are considering moving to Allandale, TX, we don’t blame you. This up-and-coming area is one of the best choices to find a house that is not too crowded in the middle of the city, but not too far removed in the outskirts of a suburban town. Allandale is the perfect balance between city life and suburban living, which is why you should start looking at real estate in Allandale for your next big move!

But before you begin putting money down for a house, you need to consider the newest trends in the state. What is the housing market like? What are the best neighbourhoods to look at? Where should you look if you are raising kids and where should you look if you are a young professional?

There are many aspects to take into consideration before you buy a new property in Allandale, TX – let’s see the top trends in real estate in Allandale and why you should look at this helpful guide before buying an apartment, house, or land in Allandale, TX! If you’re looking for homes in Allandale, you can learn more from Bramlett Residential.

The trends in Allandale real estate
The trends in Allandale real estate

Are you looking at real estate in Allandale? Keep an eye on these trends before buying a house!

First thing’s first – where is Allandale, TX? Allandale is a suburban neighbourhood that is on the outside of Austin, TX. Austin is one of the best cities in the entire state of Texas – if you’re into a more democratic lifestyle and liberal views, then this is the place for you. Compared to the other “traditional” and quintessential Texan cities, the city of Austin is a great break from the Texas lifestyle. Move here to check out nature, eclectic food venues, music scenes, live concerts, relaxed people, and high employment opportunities!

Allandale has the perks of Austin with a more relaxed vibe of living outside the city. This way, you can have more space, more land, and a slower-paced lifestyle that can be good for those who are retired, raising a family, or don’t like the congestion of a city. Allandale is known for its outdoor amenities, educational school system, and friendly people.

Home prices and price per square foot

When comparing the Allandale housing market or other locations in the state and the entire country, the neighbourhood often ranks as fairly competitive. The home prices were up nearly 14% this year since last year, showing that people are frequently moving to this popular suburb and fewer houses are being put up for sale. The average home price in Allandale, TX comes to just over $800K, and the average house is on the market for around 30 days – 7 days lower than 2020!

  • Compared to October of 2020 where the average home price skyrocketed to nearly $900K, the average housing price in October of 2021 is just over $800K. The housing price dipped in December of 2020 to $600K but has remained above $700K since January of 2021.
  • The competitiveness of the Allandale neighborhood scores a 65 out of 100, with most homes receiving multiple offers. A house that has multiple offers typically will sell for between 5% and 10% above the listing price!
  • The sale to list price for all housing types on the market in Allandale, TX comes in at 105.5%, with the lowest percentage being back in 2019 at just below 95%. The sale to list price skyrocketed at the beginning of 2021 to nearly 120% but has since dropped to just above 105% in recent months. The growth per year comes to an average of just over 4%.
  • Currently, when looking for real estate in Allandale, there are between 8 to 10 homes for sale, ranging from around $580K to $1.5 million.

Transportation in Allandale

  • Compared to other cities and suburbs in Texas, the suburb of Allandale is somewhat walkable compared to other areas, earning a 36 out of 100 in the walkability score. This means that it might take too long to get to nearby stores, shops, and amenities, and some roads may not have sidewalks or pedestrian-friendly areas.
  • The public transportation score in Allandale earns a 42 out of 100, meaning that there is only some transit available to get to and from nearby amenities. In this case, you might consider having a car if you are looking at real estate in Allandale.
  • Furtortuaenly for those who have a bike, the area is very bikeable, earning a score of 74 out of 100. This means you can easily bike to and from work or school when looking at real estate in Allandale!

School systems in Allandale

When looking at real estate in Allandale, finding the best school system is essential if you’re thinking of starting a family or you already have kids.

  • The elementary schools in the local area include Brentwood Elementary school, Gullett Elementary school, and the ReAd Pre-K center.
  • The middle school in Allandale is Lamar Middle School.

Climate impact on real estate in Allandale

  • Compared to other homes across the nation, the amount of homes in Allandale that can succumb to flooding is very low. Only around 350 homes in the entire suburb were affected or at risk of flooding in the suburb, with the flood risk three increasing much slower than the average across the entire United States. The flooding likelihood is very low, with only around $19 of flooding damage caused on any house in Allandale in the past year between 2002 and 2021.
  • The heat risk is high in Allandale, wearing a 63 out of 100 – this is the highest environmental factor that you should take into account when looking at real estate in Allandale.
  • The other environmental concerns are quite low, with the drought risk, storm risk, and fire risk all scoring below 30 out of 100 on the scale.


Are you looking at real estate in Allandale? Before you put money down for a house, you need to know about the price range, the housing market trends (days on the market, size of the average house, price of the house), the school systems, and the public transportation options available in the local neighbourhoods!


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