The Balearic Islands Spain Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions


Are you planning your visit to The Balearic Islands, Spain, Check here where to go and what to do and the best places to visit The Balearic Islands.

The Balearic Islands lie off the coast of Spain in the western Mediterranean. These sun-splashed isles are a province of Spain and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The name of the archipelago in Catalan is Illes Balears, while in Spanish, the second co-official language of the islands, it is Islas Baleares.

There is some debate over the origin of the name of the Balearics. Some scholars trace the origin to the Greek word Βαλλιαρεῖς/Balliareis, meaning “slingers”, in reference to the skill of the islanders with that ancient weapon. Other scholars point to the root Bal, which indicates a Phoenician origin for the name.

The Balearic Islands Spain Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions
The Balearic Islands Spain Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions

There are four main islands in the archipelago: Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, and together they host up to 10 million visitors every year.

Balearic Islands – It’s famous for its beaches, resorts, beautiful sea beach, sheltered coves and limestone mountains

Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, and its name derives from the unimaginative Romans who conquered the island in 123 B.C. and called it Insula Major, “the larger island,” which over time became Maiorica, “the larger one.” Majorca is the most popular of the Balearics in terms of tourist visits, hosting as many as six million visitors who flock to Majorca villas and hotels every year to soak up the sun and enjoy the many pristine beaches. Between May and September, millions of young people from across Europe crowd onto the island to party like rock stars and partake of the legendary nightlife of the larger towns like Palma.

Minorca Islands – It’s famous for a large number of megalithic stone structures

Minorca Islands
Minorca Islands

Minorca, “the smaller ones,” derives its name from the same unimaginative Romans who named Majorca. The island is famous for a large number of megalithic stone structures that indicate the island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Minorca remains one the most unspoiled of the Balearic Islands, with the entire island designated as both a European and UNESCO Biological Reserve, and 75% of the island being protected against future development. Because of this Minorca is comparatively quiet when compared to the wild nightlife of Majorca and Ibiza, and the limited number of Menorca villas seem to attract families with children to enjoy the slower and more wholesome pace offered by the smaller island.

Ibiza popular party island – The Kingdom of Music & Party

Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands and well known for the legendary party atmosphere that attracts millions of young people from across the world. The riotous nightlife of Ibiza is centered around Ibiza Town on the south coast and Sant Antoni on the west, each with dozens of world-famous nightclubs and an electric music scene. Being the center of the international clubbing scene for the four months of summer every year, Ibiza is where the top DJs breakthrough to superstardom and the top producers of dance music come to find the new hits. Since 2005 the summer-long Ibiza Rocks music festival in Sant Antoni attracts some of the biggest established and up-and-coming acts in the music world.

Formentera – Beautiful Naturist Beaches.

Formentera is the smallest of the main Balearic Islands with an area of about 32 square miles. While it is only a few miles south of wild and crazy Ibiza, the reputations of the two islands are nearly opposite. Formentera receives about half a million visitors every year who come to enjoy the perfect beaches, transparent waters and the quiet laid-back atmosphere it has enjoyed since being overrun by hippies in the 1970s. The island is only accessible by boat, which makes it feel like a remote location in spite of being so close to busy Ibiza, and visitors have been known to while away entire summers lying on the beaches and cycling through the dunes and visitors have a choice of dozens of beaches as well as a good selection of nudist beaches.

Best Time to Visit Balearic Islands

The best months to visit the Balearic Islands are from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. August to early September is the most crowded month in the Balearic Islands.

Are you planning to travel to the Balearic Islands? you will find the ideal destination for your holidays!

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