Taking the Next Step in Your Career with CompTIA Security+ and How Practice Tests Can Benefit You


If there’s a certification that’s going to make you a competent cybersecurity professional, it’s CompTIA Security+. Author: Drusilla P This credential boosts what you know about systems and device security, enhancing your problem-solving skills that are going to drastically increase your value to companies.

Cybersecurity is one of those areas in IT that’s quickly getting more attention. With the rise of data breaches and leaks getting more frequent, organizations are beefing up their data protection by hiring specialists that are able to handle the job. So, can CompTIA Security+ help you become such a professional? And how to earn this badge?

Taking the Next Step in Your Career with CompTIA Security+ and How Practice Tests Can Benefit You
Taking the Next Step in Your Career with CompTIA Security+ and How Practice Tests Can Benefit You

What Is Security+ All About?

The CompTIA Security+ credential is definitely something that’s going to help you open new career doors. Author: Edna E Now, some companies may not require it straight away, but they’re likely to prefer accredited candidates when making hiring decisions, so having one will put you at the top of the list. It will increase your chances of getting employed and fill a vacancy with better pay.

A lot of positions become available for you when you have your Security+ certification. From systems administrator to security engineer, you can take your career to the next step. Also, according to PayScale.com, you can earn as much as $75k annually if you have this credential, which is fantastic for middle-level professionals.

What to Expect with Security+ Assessment?

There are some prerequisite recommendations for those who apply for SY0-501 that include possessing the Network+ badge as well as about two years working in IT administration. But, the only mandatory requirement that you have to meet to obtain your accreditation is the exam. The good news is that there is only one test you need to pass. Author: Levina L It is SY0-501 by code, and it’s going to validate your knowledge of devices and network security, cryptography, risk management, threat assessment, and many more.

One thing that you have to know about the exam is that it includes not only multiple-choice items but also several performance-based questions that will test your skills in real-world situations. But, your efforts will pay off: once you acquire your credential, those hiring will know what you’re capable of!

There is also one thing to note with the Security+ assessment, though. Since IT is a fast-changing field, CompTIA is Author: Bessie T making sure that their candidates are aware of the current trends and best practices. So, they’re launching a new SY0-601 version in November 2020.

Passing SY0-501 with the Help of Practice Tests

As with other exams, you’ll need to do some preparation so you can successfully pass it. Of course, you can always opt for CompTIA’s official study resources as they have those ready. You can enroll in some of their training programs and use eLearning to learn all the concepts required.

To supplement your preparation, you may utilize practice tests since doing them can certainly help you earn your Security+. Author: Elenor E These materials will raise your confidence because due to detailed score reports you’ll know what topics you understand well and which areas you still need to improve to answer all the questions given.

Wrap up

The CompTIA Security+ certification will undoubtedly give your career a boost. It’s going to open more advanced positions for you, which is welcome Author: Honora R if you have been working in IT for quite some time. So, don’t waste your time, register for SY0-501, prepare for it through training and practice tests, and advance your career in the modern cybersecurity filed.


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