10 Safety Tips for FEMALE Traveling Solo for the First Time

Here our expert share Top safety tips for females traveling solo for the first time. Those solo travel tips will help you to feel confident and safe to travel solo anywhere.


Solo Female Travel Safety Tips: Women are exploring the world with pride and guts. With each passing year, we can see a considerable rise in the number of solo female travelers. As happy as we are at this realization, we can also testify that the world has seen more and more violence against female travelers in the last few years.

We try our best to bring you the best travel advice. So in this article, we are bringing to you the top 10 safety tips for female travelers.

10 Safety Tips for FEMALE Traveling Solo for the First Time
10 Safety Tips for FEMALE Traveling Solo for the First Time

10 Things to remember while traveling alone

#1. Be Mindful while Walking Alone

Many women get attacked on the streets, even abducted, while they were simply walking to their car or a nearby store. While traveling solo, it is pretty much inevitable for you to be walking alone at night. You might even have to go through very secluded streets or alleyways.

Your best bet to stay safe is by being aware and alert of your surroundings.

Take an account of the area you are in. Try to walk through well-lit alleyways. Avoid narrow one-way streets. Make sure to check your route via Maps before heading out. Always keep an eye out for strange activity.

If you think someone might be following you, try crossing the road. If they are still following you, call 911.

A common piece of advice given out to women traveling alone is being on call while walking alone. This might seem intelligent because you’d think whoever was on call will call the police. However, this happens very rarely.

If anything, being on your phone keeps you distracted. When dangers near, even a moment’s notice can be lifesaving. Be mindful of everything around you.

#2. Have an Emergency Contact on Speed Dial

This goes without saying. Keep emergency contacts on speed dial. Have your phone out and ready to dial the police, if need be.

Think about it. If you are being followed or chased, having to take out your phone and find a contact will only slow you down. So, always be prepared.

#3. Be Aware of Parking Garages

There are countless cases of women being hurt, raped, and abducted from dark parking garages. If you see a car or a van parked near your car, get in your car from the passenger’s side. 

Ask for an escort to your car. There is no shame in being careful. Just because you are traveling solo, doesn’t mean you can’t get help. 

#4. Don’t Announce Your Whereabouts

Where you live is entirely your own business. If the hotel, or the receptionist, a car servicing company or even a pharmacy asks for your full detailed address, whisper it to them.

This might seem silly but this one tip can save you a lot of unnecessary anxiety. Announcing your address in public places only lets potential stalkers get to you easier. 

The same goes for phone calls. If you have to let someone know your address over the phone, make sure you are in a secure space and no one is eavesdropping. 

#5. Practice Hotel Room Safety Check

We cannot stress this enough. As solo female travelers, hotel rooms will become your temporary home. You must guard it the way you would your actual house. Your safety still depends on you even if you are staying at a highly guarded 5-star hotel.

Don’t let the receptionist say your room number out loud. If they do, ask them to assign you a different room. Hotel locks have multiple keys, and you are only given one of them. If possible carry a portable door lock with you.

Check under the bed, behind the curtains, and in the closets before settling in. Once you have checked everything, lock your door and give it a good pull to make sure the lock is working.

Lastly, try not to order room service late at night.

#6. Be Mindful About Who You Ask for Directions

When you are traveling to a new location, it is entirely common for you to not know where everything is. Get savvy with the Maps app on your phone. If you still can’t make sense of it, ask for directions from trusted people.

You might think someone in a security guard’s uniform would be a safe enough option. But, perpetrators often use secure disguises to get the best of a clueless female traveler. Try to locate a policeman and ask them for direction.

If someone offers to show you the destination, don’t let them. Simply ask them to point in that way. Letting someone follow you is never a good choice.

#7. Guard Your Drink

Be very mindful of your nightly adventures. Drinks being nicked is the most common way of abduction in crowded bars. Don’t accept drinks offered by strangers in a bar.

Watch your bartender while he prepares your drink. It is better to order simple drinks instead of cocktails. You might not be able to keep track of everything that is going in your cocktail.

Once you have your drink, don’t leave it unattended. Take it everywhere with you. Cover the top while moving through crowds.

#8. Don’t Announce Your Location on Social Media

A very rookie mistake a lot of solo travelers make is announcing their whereabouts on social media while they are still in that location. 

We understand it can be exciting to let your friends back home know of your fun time, but it also lets a wide array of people know where to find you at that very moment.

Wait till you are back home or in a safe enough location before posting your photos or check-in details on your socials. We promise your friends will still be just as amazed.

#9. Be Safe With Ridesharing Services

Ridesharing services in foreign countries can be an easy way of getting yourself in danger. If you are ordering a ride, wait till your ride arrives before leaving the building. Verify your ride and the rider before getting in the car. 

Have the driver repeat your name to you to confirm. Once in the car, share your ride with a friend nearby.

#10. Always Lock Your Doors

This might seem very obvious, but many women fall prey to gender violence because they simply forgot to lock their doors. Lock the doors to your hotel room or Airbnb, as well as your cars.


These are our top safety tips for females traveling solo that we have put together after a lot of research and rethinking. It’s better to be safe than sorry. We hope you will keep these safety tips in mind enjoy your adventures. And planning a trip but lacking in cash? Check out https://iwantthatflight.com.au/ which let you enter a destination and search for the cheapest deals for various airlines.

Have a safe trip!


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