Roberrt Movie Review: Double Dhamaka to Darshan Fans on a Single Ticket!


Roberrt Movie Review: Robert Cinema is released with great anticipation. Is the film a success for Darshan fans? What does the overall ‘Robert’ film look like? Here’s the review… Roberrt is Total Paisa Vasool Double Dhamaka to Darshan Fans on a Single Ticket!

Roberrt Movie Review: Total Paisa Vasool

Movie Review: Roberrt
Directed by: Tharun Sudhir
Produced by: Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda
Written by: Tharun Sudhir
Starring: Darshan, Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Kishan, Devaraj, P. Ravi Shankar, Asha Bhat, Ravi Shankar, Vinod Prabhakar
Cinematography: Sudhakar S Raj
Running time: 166 minutes
Rating: ✪✪✪⋆/5

Roberrt Movie Review
Roberrt Movie Review

The long-awaited film ‘Robert’ Kannada Movie starring Challenging Star Darshan has come to the screen. The ‘Robert’ show in Karnataka has begun from 6 am today. Fans rushed to the theaters early this morning to see the backdrop of ‘Dasa’ Darshan Run.

Actor Darshan starrer ‘Robert’ is all set to release on Thursday. 3889 shows in 1,596 theaters in a single day. This has become one of the major releases after Lockdown. The first day in Karnataka saw 6586 single-screen theaters show 2786 shows.

In addition, more than 100 multiplexes are screened. Robert is launching in 433 Andhra Pradesh and 407 theaters in Telangana. ‘Robert’ cinema witnesses 3,889 shows on the first day in these three states. Released only in multiplexes in both Kannada and Telugu, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Delhi.

Darshan is one of the most recognizable people through mass films. His fans are often fond of such movies. The punching dialogues, the stunning adventures, and the fun of the De Fans are entertaining. With the same expectation, audiences who come to see ‘Robert’ may be surprised as the film begins. Because at the beginning of the film all the commercial elements are set aside and the ‘Challenge Star’ darshan. Raghava faces those who come to see Robert!

Darshan plays the role of Robert and Raghava in two different shades. Raghava full class. But Robert Sickapatte Mass. The man who once cheered Robert in Mumbai is now living in Lucknow as Raghava. He has the responsibility of protecting his son, Arjun. Is Raghava and Arjun really father-son?

In the Second Half, you know what caused Robert to become the protagonist Raghava! Robert has received a distinction in all the films Darshan has starred so far. In the first half, he surrendered completely to the character, not bound to any mass image.

The villains are classy enough to hold their feet. Appearing as an inflated speaker, without the punching of punching dialogues. He acted as a cheat-free chef. But in the interim, a different incarnation will prevail. Robert’s original game is to start from there.

Mass lovers want Darshan in the second half. Khadak entertains with dialogues and smash scenes. Thus giving double dhamaka to the audience in the incarnations of Raghava and Robert.

The commercials of the film are enhanced by songs by Arjun Janya. V for him in background music. Harikrishna has competed. Photographer Sudhakar S has been asked to bring a different kind of underworld and family sentiment to the two shades Raghava and Robert. Raj is being held captive. Overall, this movie will entertain darshan fans.

‘Robert’ Twitter review

‘Robert’ cinema starring Tarun Sudhir’s Challenging Star Darshan has been released. ‘Robert’, Cine lovers are sharing their review on Twitter. So, what is Robert’s movie like? Here’s a collection of ‘Robert’ Twitter reviews.

The first half of the movie Robert. De Bass’s performance as Raghava is brilliant. My heart thrills when I see Ravana’s scene. There is a grip on the screenplay. The first show is about the audience.

” So far I haven’t seen De Boss like this. The way the hero is shown is amazing. All credit should go to Tarun Sudhir, ”tweeted a fan.

” The Interval Bang is super. De Boss is in a new incarnation. My excitement is guaranteed. The second half is significant. ” The fan’s opinion is that Tarun Sudhir retained the language he had played and given. The hit formula scenarios in ” Robert ” are a mix. ‘Robert’ is a feast for D Boss Darshan fans. To others it may be a Time Pass movie. ” The First Day First Show is now over. Darshan Canceled Extraordinary Performance. ‘Major Plus Point’ directed by Tarun Sudhir has been tweeted by a fan.

” Pucca Commercial Movie. Family, action, comedy are all blended together. For fans, this is a mas masala entertainer. Climax gives fun. ‘Darshan Getup, Acting Alliance’.

Harikrishna rerecording has increased the leader’s influence. The choreography of the songs of Arjun Janya is catchy. The rest will notice that the heroine Asha Bhatt is dancing.

The whole movie is darshanam. Notable space for Vinod Prabhakar at Nadughatta. Jagapathi Babu Kantha, Ravi Shankar’s timing accent. Shivraj K.R. Pate’s striking performance – these are the highlights. The stunning combination between Darshan and Vinod is breathtaking.


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