Protect Yourself from These 4 WhatsApp Scams!


WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications. It has been downloaded millions of times. But like with anything on the internet that has a lot of users, different scammers have started to target it. Therefore, it has become essential for you to know about different WhatsApp scams. This will help you to identify any and all malicious activities and avoid potential threats. There are many different kinds of scams. For instance, you might get a message from someone that may act like you know the person. Or, someone can trick you into thinking that you are receiving an official message from the company itself. Now, let’s dive straight into the topic and discuss four WhatsApp scams that you should be aware of.

Protect Yourself from These 4 WhatsApp Scams
Protect Yourself from These 4 WhatsApp Scams

1. Free Adidas Trainers

It is a phishing scam that is doing the rounds on WhatsApp not just in the United States but also in other countries like Belgium, Sweden, and Norway. The message claims that Adidas is giving away 2,500 pairs of trainers to celebrate their anniversary. This message would also contain a link that will look genuine until you look at it carefully. You will observe that a dot above i in Adidas is missing.

It can be called a homoglyph attack. If a user clicks on a link, he/she will be asked to complete a survey that will have four questions. Once done, they will be asked to share the link to claim the prize but surprise, surprise, there is no gift! Instead, you will get an offer to claim your trainers for $1 which when you do will sign you up to a dodgy subscription service that will charge you $49.99/month. Such scams not only appear on WhatsApp but might also target people who are surfing the web. Therefore, it is advised to use your Spectrum mobile plans with caution while browsing different websites. And remember not to click on links that you feel are malicious.

2. WhatsApp Gold: A Premium Version of WhatsApp

Have you ever received a message from WhatsApp Gold, claiming to be a premium version of the app that is used by famous celebrities? If so, delete this message right away! It is a scam. Please remember that there is no such thing as a premium version of WhatsApp. And everyone including the celebrities uses the same app as you do. The message might also state that you would be able to try some cool new features. Don’t fall for this trap. Apart from WhatsApp Gold, this scam comes with other names as well such as WhatsApp Pro, WhatsApp Star, and WhatsApp Plus. If you receive an invitation to download any such application then ignore the message and delete it without having any second thought.

3. Olivia

Not too long ago, police warned WhatsApp users of a new scam which they labeled as Olivia. This is the name that the scammer uses in which they pretend to be a friend or a friend of a friend. Their main target is young adults. The scammer sends a series of messages to the users. If they respond then the scammer will share malicious links opening which the user might get exposed to graphic content. Therefore, users might never open links sent by someone that you are not sure of. Also, parents should educate their children about this to ensure their safety.

4. Verification Code Links

There is a chance that when you install WhatsApp for the first time then you might receive a verification code message that will contain links. This is another big scam. It is so serious that the United Arab Emirates issued a warning to people regarding this so they can be aware of it. Therefore, if you get such a message with a link, asking you to click it to verify your number then ignore it. Remember that you will manually have to put the code in the app that you will receive from WhatsApp. Scammers are fooling people that have no idea about it. So, when someone clicks on the link, they will hack and would take over their WhatsApp account.


WhatsApp is a very useful app that lets people connect with each other easily. This application has reduced distances and brought everyone together by offering features like picture sharing and video/voice calls. However, as this app has exploded into popularity, more and more scammers have started to target innocent users who usually fell prey to their nasty traps. Hopefully, these above-mentioned scams will help you to use the app more carefully.

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