New Norm around Covid-19 Test Verification that Fits Fly?


Due to the rise of COVID-19, travel and tourism has been badly affected and the complete industry is currently facing difficulties. The latest tourism restrictions have been enforced according to which airport authorities have to do COVID test verification before onboarding each traveller. The COVID test reports must be from authorized labs and should not be older than three days as per the new changes. How did this occur? Well, news from sources states that new variants of the coronavirus were recognized in various states and these variants are more dangerous than the parent disease. Hence, tourism was originally banned but later, this new law was imposed.

What is a Digital COVID Pass?

Digital COVID Pass is an advanced solution that can assist the travel sector in following the new restrictions. The solution uses thousands of artificial intelligence models to authenticate data on the COVID report. Digital COVID pass requires only a few seconds and the results are free from error as well.

Importance of Digital COVID-19 Pass

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No Integration or Installation

Essentially, you don’t have to install any application programming interference or system for Digital COVID Pass. It is an easy yet unique solution that employs thousands of artificial intelligence models to extract data from the COVID test and authenticate if the test results are genuine or not. For Digital COVID Pass, passengers only need is a browser and a webcam to initiate authenticating COVID-19 PCR tests.

Real-time Verification

In a few seconds, you are validating results, giving travellers exceptional experience, and making sure of safety. Therefore, it maintains its traditional precision level. Most importantly, you are not only digitally verifying results, but are also adding automation along with the greatest level of precision.

Error-free COVID Test Verification

Manual techniques require human intrusion which is inclined to make mistakes. Extracting data from the COVID report and authenticating it requires a lot of energy and time. To make the process error-free, a digital COVID pass can work wonders. From information extraction to validating it against data from labs, technology will make the complete procedures error-free.

Digital COVID Pass – The Technique

It is based upon improved artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms can extract information from the QR code given in the result and the documents are checked for possible forgery. Then, the extracted information is cross-checked with the data given by the approved laboratories. It ensures that the result is not older than three days and from laboratories that are approved by governments and regulatory authorities.

Who requires a Digital COVID Pass?

This initially started with the new travel restrictions, but COVID test verification is presently compulsory for businesses. Let’s take a closer look to find out the businesses that require COVID test verification and how Digital COVID Pass can assist in helping the travel and tourism industry across the world.


Airports are top of the list and all countries have been guided to conduct COVID test verification for all the travellers. Be it, tourists or citizens, all the travellers have to submit a negative COVID report result. Therefore, false COVID reports are increasing problems for airport authorities. Eventually, COVID Pass is the need of the dire.


Arenas are usually very congested places where the disease can quickly spread. So, arenas must ensure that all individuals in the place are corona-free. With manual COVID test verification, it appears that a difficult job since anyone with minor symptoms can show tampered or fake results for the purpose of entertainment. Travellers love to explore such places and what could be the outcome if their results aren’t authenticated or inaccurately authenticated? Digital COVID pass, therefore, will never let anyone down. It ensures all COVID negative people enter the arenas.


The travel and tourism industry for legitimate reasons is in almost every country; hence, the desire for COVID test verification at conferences becomes vital. An enhanced solution for conferences is to integrate touchless kiosks at security checkpoints. No-installation technique will assist in avoiding physical interaction, authenticating identities, and COVID test verification will be an additional add-on.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are all-in-one for individuals. They can shop and enjoy themselves but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are under strict lockdown. With the help from COVID test verification, shopping malls can make sure the security and health of all the visitors.


COVID test verification is the need for the dire and all the public facilities particularly the tourism and travel industry have been stringently guided to conduct COVID tests. Therefore, the tourism industry, arenas, conferences, shopping malls, and other public facilities have to authenticate COVID reports. Presently, verification authorities and public facilities are using manual methods to authenticate COVID tests, but that is not an effective option. Digital COVID Pass is an artificial intelligence solution that can authenticate COVID results in real-time and ensures the greatest levels of accuracy too.

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