Kolkata Itinerary: A 2-Day Travel Guide in the City of Joy

Do you have 48 hours in Kolkata? Make the best of it with this 2-day Kolkata itinerary for an educational and fun vacation through the City of Joy.


Kolkata is India’s third-largest city filled with rich culture and dedicated locals. Although, the city has a dark past; the present Kolkata stands in a new light of happiness.

kolkata howrah bridge

The people are proud to be part of a lineage that struggled and came out stronger. Every corner of Kolkata is filled with knowledge from book stores to historic sites.

The city will leave you twice as enlightened as you were when you reached.

Do you have two days to spend in Kolkata? And are you overwhelmed by all the tourists’ attractions?

Don’t worry we have you covered. Here is your perfect 2-day Kolkata itinerary covering the best places to visit in just 48 hours. Kolkata strives to keep its heritage alive and the people are friendly and forthcoming.

This 48-hour Kolkata travel guide will list your morning to evening activities from the places to eat and the places to see. Get ready for a quick but fun tour through the City of Joy. Eat at delicious restaurants and savor the taste of street food, this guide will highlight it all.

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DAY 1 – Kolkata Itinerary 

Breakfast at Flurys at Park Street

Begin your day with a royal breakfast at Flury’s Cafe, a quaint little teashop established back in 1927. Try the iconic English breakfast that has it all from bacon to a crispy fried egg.

However, the health nuts can eat the Jogger’s Breakfast and choose from a carrot or cucumber juice. The meal is a white egg omelet with onion, spinach, low-fat chicken sausages and rindless bacon. 

Their Blueberry Cheese Cake and Chocolate Tiramisu are to die for, so pick up a piece or two for dessert. Flury’s is locally known as the Queen of Park Street as it has a long record of satisfying customers with its old world charm. Even if you can’t be there for breakfast, find the time to visit Flury’s between 7:30 AM and 11:00 PM.  

Burn Those Calories with a Historic Walk 

Visit the South Park Street Cemetery which is less than a mile away from Flury’s to witness stone work from the 18th century.

It sounds a bit grim to be walking around a cemetery but it has not had a burial since 1840 for lack of space. The 8 acre area is now a historic site where tourists from all over the world come to see the 1600 tombs with tablets, cenotaphs and epitaphs.

he cemetery is enclosed by a high brick wall and the architecture is a blend of Indo-Saracenic and Gothic styles. These tomb structures represent a European style with hints of Greek and Hindu representations. 

This cemetery houses the tombs of some notable people from that era. The founder of the Asiatic Society, Sir William Jones has the tallest memorial obelisk in this cemetery.

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, a teacher and leader of the Youth Movement in Bengal is also immortalized here. You can see the age in every stone structure here and the moss slowly growing gives it an eerie feel. Since it is a cemetery many argue it might be haunted but whether that’s true or not it still is a must on your Kolkata itinerary.  

Lunch at Peter Cat 

Travel just over a mile from the cemetery and reach Peter Cat for an authentic North Indian meal. You have to try the Chelo Kebab which is an Indo-Persian meal that comes in lamb, beef or goat. It is served with steaming flavored basmati rice with a crispy fried egg on the side. This is one of the only restaurants to serve the original fried Bekti with tartare sauce. 

Evening at Victoria Memorial 

About 1.8 miles from the restaurant is Victoria Memorial, the largest museum library in India. It was commissioned by the Viceroy of India Lord Curzon to commemorate the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.

The vast marble structure houses relics from the colonial era focused on art history. It has some of the oldest and most beautiful paintings, manuscripts and rare photographs. The Victoria Memorial is mentioned on every Kolkata itinerary which should show you its importance.       

End the night at Blue and Beyond Rooftop Restaurant for a relaxing and delicious dinner. Perched on the roof of the Lindsay Hotel, this restaurant not just boasts good views but mouth watering food. Their 5-course Indian and Chinese meal is something to try with a pitcher of beer on the side.

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DAY 2 – Kolkata Itinerary

Breakfast at Terreti Market 

This is a Chinese food market with cooked and raw products sold here. Go to Sun Yat Sen Street to find a plethora of vendors selling Indian influenced Chinese food. There are hot soup noodles, dumplings, steamed Baozi Buns and fish meatball soups.

The dumplings are the highlight and a must on everyone’s Kolkata itinerary. You can choose from beef, vegetables, pork, chicken and seafood for the stuffing and the option of steamed or fried. 

Educate Yourself at the Rabindra Bharati Museum 

About a mile and a half from Terreti Market is Rabindra Bharati Museum, which holds relics in the ancestral home of Tagore.

The famed writer spent a substantial part of his life in these quarters and took his last breath here. The museum immortalizes a number of intellectuals from the 19th Century Bengal Renaissance. It also features the life and works of Rabindranath Tagore.

The museum is a vital part of West Bengal’s history and anyone visiting must add this site to their Kolkata itinerary.   

Good Food and Great Conversations at Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is a franchise spread across India and is modified based on the city. The Kolkata Coffee House is an eatery situated in the educational area of the city attracting intellectuals who have coffee over intense conversations. Try their chicken pakora for lunch with a black coffee and strike up an intriguing conversation with a stranger if you think you can keep up. 

End the Trip at Hooghly River

You have to take a boat ride at sunset on the Hooghly River to see the beauty of Kolkata. The scenic ride with the sun glistening in the water is a treat for the eyes. The Howrah Bridge is brilliantly lit up making for a picture perfect view.

After a peaceful trip on the waters, get dinner at a fancy restaurant inside the hotel named Floatel. 

The Bridge is a fine dining restaurant on the banks of Ganga serving multi cuisines. Its ambience is amazing as it looks over the water with stellar views.

Try the all-inclusive buffet which gives you a taste of all the restaurant has to offer. For dessert, try the Cream Cake which is an absolute star in the sweetness world.

The best time to visit Kolkata is during the autumn and winter months that run through October to February.

You now have a packed 2-day Kolkata itinerary with all the essential tourist spots and authentic eateries. All that’s left is booking flights to make this trip a reality; try out Indian Eagle for amazing offers on international tickets.


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