Know About 9-Year-Old Activist Havana Chapman-Edwards “When do I go from cute to dangerous?” a powerful poem writer

Know About Havana Chapman-Edwards a passionate community organizer, philanthropist, public speaker and humanitarian as well as an actor and model. 9-Year-Old Activist Shares Powerful Poem ‘When Do I Go From Cute To Dangerous?’


“When do I go from cute to dangerous?” 9-year-old Havana Chapman-Edwards pens a powerful poem about racism around the globe, she said her travels to more than 30 countries have allowed her to see that racism is a global issue. And after watching the last few weeks’ events unfold in the U.S. — the death of George Floyd and the protests and unrest that followed — she knew she needed to speak out.

So Chapman-Edwards and her father wrote a poem together. She shared it on Twitter, where it’s gaining traction, because it’s incredibly powerful.

“My ancestors were kings and queens, you know what I mean. Then others sacrificed and died, to allow us to have better lives,” her poem begins. “No matter how hard the world tries to leave people like me behind, we still rise.”

In her poem, Chapman-Edwards puts forth five questions, saying, “We, the kids, need answers.”

These are questions like, “Why do our teachers read books about enslavement, but not about black inventors, astronauts, scientists, dancers, pilots, diplomats and judges?” “When do I go from cute to dangerous?” and “Why do I have to live with the fear that my brother and my dad might not make it home?”

Know About Havana Chapman-Edwards

Havana Chapman-Edwards
Image credit Instagram @thetinydiplomat

Havana Chapman-Edwards Founder of @girlsrightsorg US Diplomat (currently in Germany) | Human Rights Activist | Artist Rep’d by @becauseimgreg Administered by @biracialbooks

Havana Chapman-Edwards born in Egypt, and when she was in Pre-School, She lived in Mauritania for 2 years. She is an 8-year-old U.S. diplomat and a passionate community organizer, philanthropist, public speaker, and humanitarian as well as an author, actor, and model.

Her godmother, LaSheena Washington works at the US Embassy in Ghana and she volunteers at the local orphanage called the St. Bakhita Foundation. We wanted to hand deliver A Wrinkle in Time books to each of the 17 girls (ages 3-17) at the orphanage.

Havana Chapman-Edwards first made headlines in April 2018 when she was 7-year-old student from Washington, D.C., She was the only student at Fort Hunt Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia, to join the national school walkout in protest of gun violence in U.S. school on Friday, April 20. She posted an image from her protest on Twitter, writing: “I am all alone at my school, but I know I am not alone.”

She also going to be volunteering to speak at other elementary schools and working on projects with UNICEF such as Trick or Treat for UNICEF and helping human rights organizations get the Convention of the Rights of a Child passed in the United States.


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