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Tovino Thomas Starrer Kala Malayalam Movie Review & Rating: Love is often the subject of war and resentment. ‘Weed’, directed by Rohit VS and starring Tovino Thomas, also talks about love, but the audience needs to go beyond the bloody and bloody scenes to understand the depth and breadth of that love. ‘Weed’ is a psycho-thriller that can be described as a hunt for hatred in one word. The film was given an ‘A’ rating by the Censor Board for its “horror” scenes. ‘Weed’ is a film based on a true story.

The story takes place in a secluded house in the middle of a large field that is wide and wild. Tovino plays the character of Shaji. The film tells the story of a day in the life of his family of wife, father and son. At the end of the first part, the director tells a story with a background of fear and curiosity. Although the initial drag is tiring for the audience, the film is full of curiosity and fear from the very beginning.

The highlight of the film is the conflict scenes. The fight scenes are all very realistic, creating the impression of a hunt. The bloody scenes, which are full of vulgarity and savagery, give the audience a different experience.

kala malayalam movie review
kala malayalam movie review

Anyone who has seen the movie cannot help but praise Tovino’s efforts for this film. Tovino puts on a stellar performance in all the most dangerous fight scenes. On the screen, the audience will experience every thrust and blow to Tovino’s body. Moore is the actor who stands alongside Tovino. Along with Tovino and Moore, two dogs are the main characters in the film. There are very few actors in the film like Lal and Divya Pillai.

The theme of the film is man and nature. The answer to why the film was named ‘Kala‘ will be known to the audience only after watching the film. While this land deserves every grass and grass, who separates the weeds from it? ‘Weeds’ takes the audience to such a question in reconsiderations.

‘Kala’ is not a typical film that will satisfy all types of audiences. ‘Weed’ will be a different experience, especially for those who have been exposed to movie scenes with hero-protagonist duels. After the movie, ‘Kala’ will leave the audience wondering who is the hero and who is the anti-hero.

The mood is different when the cinematography of Akhil George and the background music of Don Vincent are combined. Editing by Chaman Chacko also deserves applause. ‘Weed’ in a very different making style is in a sense an experiment. Therefore, it remains to be seen in the coming days how the family audience will receive the ‘weed’.

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