Jewelry Pieces Every Mom Needs


Being a mom is a full time job whose demands can leave little time for self indulging. Maybe you have adjusted for time saving by simplifying your routine. You’ve opted for a wash ‘n go hair style and comfy slip-ons or adopted the minimalist, clean make-up look. What you never compromise on, however, is your personal style. Your time to get dressed might be limited but a few seconds to include your favorite bling can raise your mood and elevate your style.

There are a lot of jewelry styles that complement personal flair and can fit any mom’s lifestyle. The staple items in your jewelry box don’t have to say anything about you, instead they should speak to you and give you warm-fuzzies. That spark of joy when you see something and just want it. Adding to your jewelry collection doesn’t have to be expensive or obligatorily attached to a holiday. You can buy yourself something because owning your style is part of who you are. A recent study by Silpada Designs on popular jewelry revealed that women only receive jewelry as gifts once or twice a year! Consider getting something for yourself, you already know you’ll love it. Take inventory of your current jewelry and see what you might be missing, start filling in those gaps and watch your quick casual dressing style transform into an expression of your personality.

Jewelry Pieces Every Mom Needs
Jewelry Pieces Every Mom Needs

Classic Style

Just like people have capsule wardrobes based on some of their basic clothing pieces, you could also shop for some basic jewelry pieces that you can wear with any type of outfit.

Some of the pieces you can choose in this category include;

Stud earrings

These types of earrings have been around for a long time, and they never disappoint. You can wear them every day doing anything because they are not heavy or bulky. You can also put them on with any outfit and any hairstyle and still look perfect.

Hoop earrings

Whether you go for big or small hoops, these types of earrings are perfect for any type of outfit you choose to wear. They also elevate your look without you trying so hard.

Bangle bracelet

These are slip-on bracelets that you can choose in any color. They are basic and do not require a lot of work to put on. They also do not get in your way when performing chores.

Pendant necklace

These are simple necklaces, mostly plain, that you can wear with any outfit, either dressy or casual.

Statement Pieces

Unlike classic style jewelry pieces, these allow you not only to complete your look or complement your outfit but also express yourself through those jewelry pieces. They are unique and bold pieces, and most of the time are expensive.

Some of the statement pieces you can get include;

Cocktail ring

This is an excellent piece if you want to add depth and dimension to your look. Cocktail rings stand out in style, color and size, and that is enough to attract the attention it needs to make a statement. A large faceted gemstone like Peridot set in a wide, ornate silver band for example.

Statement earrings and necklaces

Interesting, oversized organic or geographic designs catch the eye in precious metals or colored enamel. Artsy details like mismatched charms dangling from hoop earrings are a hit this year.

Meaningful Pieces

These are the types of jewelry pieces that have a special and sentimental meaning to you. An heirloom or something with a date, childs name or birthstone. An engraved quote or song lyric are great ways to personalize your jewelry. Consider something for you and your bestie or sister.

Puzzle pendants

These pendants create a single icon when put together, the most common probably being a heart, and always keep the owner of the other half close to your own heart.

Custom pieces

You can have a ring, bracelet, or necklace custom engraved for you with almost anything that conjures a good memory. Some out of the box suggestions are GPS coordinates, morse code or NATO initials.

Minimalistic Style

This style lives and dies by a less is more attitude. Free of fussy details, the minimalist jewelry collection consists of clean lines and simple shapes. The look is not to be mistaken for a shy-violet, the minimalist sets a high standard for craftsmanship and can serve just the right amount of shimmer for everyday or create a bold, sleek, downtown look.

Some of the minimalistic style jewelry pieces you can choose include;

Cuff bracelets

Simple yet substantial, and you can rock them with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a flowy floral dress. The detail should be understated with emphasis on structure.

Gold chains

Long the standard of minimalist fashion, gold chains have seen a resurgence in popularity. Look for interesting link variations like a rectangular paperclip link and add a tiny gold charm.

You can’t build a collection on one or two pieces of jewelry a year! Once you have your staples you’ll be able to transform any single outfit in a few different ways opening up your wardrobe to unlimited possibilities. A good, solid accessories foundation is essential and then adding a few items a year is actually perfect to keep things fresh and replace any broken or outdated pieces.


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