How To Use Hand Sanitizer – Protect Yourself Against Covid-19


How To Use Hand Sanitizer: The rising cases of Corona have once again raised the concern of the government of the country and the world. Scientists are doing new research every day to avoid Corona. But all the research done so far points towards a common thing. Yes and this is one thing, protection from corona infection is the only way to prevent it. Doctors and scientists are advising people to use masks and sanitizer regularly to stay away from this epidemic. He says that both these things can prove to be very helpful in keeping a person safe and in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. In such a situation, according to the guidelines of WHO and CDS, know how to keep a person safe while using sanitizer.

Keep These Things in mind when using a Sanitizer

How To Use Hand Sanitizer
How To Use Hand Sanitizer

60 percent alcohol sanitizer

According to the WHO guidelines, whenever you go to buy a sanitizer, first make sure that your sanitizer should be 60 percent alcoholic. The use of a 60 percent alcohol sanitizer is beneficial in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Rab hands until they dry

It has often been seen that some people use a sanitizer to free their hands of bacteria but do not rub it well on their hands. Do not do this at all. This is not the right way to apply sanitizer. Rub the sanitizer on your hands until it dries completely.

What is the amount of sanitizer to clean hands?

A person should use at least 5 mL sanitizer to sanitize their hands. But if you feel that your hands are more dirty then you have to use more than 5 mL sanitizer.

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Do not eat food with hands that are sanitizer

Many times people start using sanitizer to avoid washing hands before eating food. The sanitizer contains a high amount of alcohol which can harm your kidney, liver and heart health. Always use a sanitizer 30 seconds before eating.

Keep the sanitizer away from the fire

The sanitizer contains alcohol, which makes it flammable. This is the reason why sanitizers should be kept away from the kitchen or fire.

Use sanitizer even while meeting the patient.

According to the CDS, if you meet a patient at the hospital, then use a sanitizer instead of water. By doing this you reduce the risk of infection.

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Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and genuineness of the information given in this article, although its ethical responsibility is not that of We humbly request you to contact your doctor before trying any remedy. Our aim is just to provide you information.


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