How To Pack Like A Pro – A useful Travel Guide


No matter how long your trip is, packing your stuff has never been an easy task.

Theirs is a so much to consider and to think about, like, for how long the trip is, how is the weather, is there any weight limits.

Here, the advice which we are going to share with you is how to stay prepared, pack efficiently, and take care of your belongings.

Even if someone travels more than staying at home, with these travel tips/hacks you can have the comfort of a home away from home.

List of Top 13 Smart Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

How To Pack Like A Pro - A useful Travel Guide
How To Pack Like A Pro – A useful Travel Guide

1. Prepare a checklist

If you are in a hurry and tend to forget things, when in an emergency, then a checklist of what to pack will be your best friend.
Try categorizing it under different heads like clothing, toiletries, electronics, passport & money, medicine, jewelry, etc.

2. Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are the best when you travel for long and carry loads of things with you.
They organize your clothes in a manner that you can open one specific cube to unpack on a given time and this saves your suitcase to explode into your room.

3. Roll your clothes

This is the classic way of packing your bag and is perfect when you are without compression bags. You can roll your top wear with your bottoms which gives you a perfect set of clothing to wear and saves time when in a hurry.

4. Put small fragile items in a sock

If you have anything in a fragile or breakable item in your trip to carry, carrying it in your bag would be too risky. For this one hack suggested by National Geographic Traveler Magazine is to put it in your socks or any type of cloth which provides it with a soft cover to resist pressure.
Many people have the habit of carrying perfume bottles in their bags to avoid its breakage, grab a sock and slip it in.

5. Put shoes in a shower cap

When you are on trek and climb mountains or cross hills, it is obvious that you tend to carry a lot of mud in your shoes, we have a hack for that too. You can keep the items in your bag clean by putting your shoes into a shower cap.

6. Protecting your wrinkled clothes

Who would like to carry such clothes which require a lot of effort before you wear them while travelling.
Always make sure that you pick those wear which requires no ironing and to keep them safely put them in a dry-cleaning bag. This prevents creases. For more hacks, opt for National Geographic Traveler Magazine subscription.

7. Pack garments that are wrinkle safe

It is a pleasure when you realize that you have wrinkled clothes collection in your almirah. That would be just an easy way to carry them on the trip. Thank god to the brands who have come up with such styles in the clothing section.

8. Pack heavy items close to the wheels

If you have to pack anything heavy in a moving bag, make sure to put it at the base near the wheels. This will make your pack a lot simpler to deal with.

9. Use a spring from an old pen to protect chargers

Utilize an old pen spring to secure chargers. Pen springs folded over lines are a stunning method to forestall charging links from bowing and breaking.

10. Use an electronics organizer

Keep all your hardware and cords in a single spot, and in amazing condition with a gadgets coordinator.In case, if you do not have any type of electronics organizer, the glass case which you got with your old glasses would be an excellent hack for these situations.

11. Use a drinking straw to protect your jewelry

This works especially well if you have a very sensitive necklace. Simply slide your accessory into it. This avoids tangling and tying.

12. Store makeup in contact lens cases

By any chance, if you need to carry your special make-up kit, cut it short by placing it in contact lens cases. This would help to carry it keeping it minimal and avoids heavy kit.

13. Put liquid toiletries in travel-sized bottles

If you have any liquid or creams, you need to carry, put them in little travel bottles. This will help you to pack them and carry them while travelling and will diminish space in your sack.

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