How to Improve Revenue Opportunities with POS System


Today as we all know everything is digitalised. In this digital world, your restaurant is lagging behind?

If yes, it is high time to automate and digitalise your restaurant operations. And now want to know how?

Here is the answer for that; the simplest way to automate and digitalise your restaurant operations is to implement a POS system at your restaurant. POS stands for point of sale and it is a system used all-round the retail and restaurant industry. POS software is capable of the end-to-end management of your restaurant. It’s easier than ever before for restaurant owners to have access to even more productivity and data to help their restaurant become as successful and profitable as possible.

How to Improve Revenue Opportunities with POS System
How to Improve Revenue Opportunities with POS System

What is a restaurant POS system?

Restaurant POS software is a point of sale system that processes the entire transactions that occur at a restaurant. This computerised system enables restaurant owners to track food inventory, cash, and sales flow. At first, there was a traditional point of sale. It was just a restaurant billing software that accepts orders and generates receipts. Later the invention of cloud technologies, the POS system developed to become an absolute restaurant management system.

Comprised of Customer Relationship Management, Smart Reporting & Analytics, Stock & Inventory Management, and many more a restaurant POS simplifies the operations and thus reduces manual labour. A number of third-party applications including Loyalty Programmes, Table Reservations, Online Ordering, and E-wallets can be integrated with the POS system to make it a feasible restaurant management solution.

POS will make sure that your restaurant operations never stop even if your network is down. Since the cloud-based restaurant POS software works on both online and offline modes.

Why POS Good for a restaurant?

When a huge volume of credit cards and cash pass through a restaurant each day it becomes quite necessary to possess a POS system. Along with tracking every penny of your sales, POS programmes also perform as credit card processors. This allows customers to swipe credit cards even more securely. The server of a POS system is accountable for entire sales and it is password protected to cut down the employee theft.

Your restaurant POS will make sure that your kitchen never runs out of raw materials since it gives real-time alerts every time every item comes to its re-order level. This recipe management feature is really helpful to keep control over inventory and stock. It provides you real-time sales reports of several outlets and also gives a comparison across outlets.

POS system helps you conduct customised loyalty programmes which will help you to create a strong base of customers. Ease out your operational needs using a POS system, the heart, and soul of any business.

Advantages of using a Restaurant POS system

With ever-evolving customer needs and quick change in the restaurant industry, it became intimidating for the restaurant owners to pace up the operations to match buyers’ expectations. A comprehensive POS system will make every process faster, simpler, and easier. Let us see how it can dramatically improve the efficiency of your business:

Easily track your inventory with restaurant POS

Managing food costs is vital to reap and grow profit in your restaurant business. A POS system offers an accurate figure for daily usage patterns and product movements. This real-time data raise efficiency to cut off the shrinkage or wastage of items. A restaurant POS also makes sure that there are just sufficient items stocked and no shortage of inventory occurs.

Reduce wait time

In a restaurant, food is catered to from different preparation areas. There will be separate counters for appetisers, drinks, main course, and so on. Your customers may place orders from separate areas at the same time. Such situations are very common and require proper synchronisation otherwise waiters would end up serving wrong orders.

It is somewhat difficult to manually bring multiple servers in a single line but if you have the latest POS software, it can ease out the integration. POS system permits faster order processing thus improves timely food delivery and table management.

Reduce wait time and increase customer satisfaction to serve more guests and increase the efficiency of your restaurant operations and thus boost your sales.

Feature expansive dashboard

The latest and newfangled POS system possesses a broad range of features. These features can be customisable to users’ requirements. These function-specific modules available can be attached to the POS software to make it perform even better. The expansive integrated dashboard is the better facility. By using the integrated dashboards, you can control your restaurant functionings even from remote locations.

Using Cloud technology to help manage POS operations

A Cloud-Based Android POS Software for Restaurants is more than just a luxury, it is a necessity for restaurant owners who wish to increase sales. It can guarantee a top-notch customer experience while staying pertinent to the briskly changing pace of technology.

With access to an online secure merchant portal, the owners can send invoices, cheque inventory, and manage both their customers and employees in an efficient manner. The retailers can also generate and export custom reports and this helps them to be more productive with time. Since the restaurant owners have the access to merchant account settings, they are easily set up email alerts, order supplies, update information, and significantly more from anywhere, any device.

Even if you have single or multiple outlets for your restaurant the cloud-based POS system allocates your business data is to you in a coffee shop, at home, or even while you’re travelling. You may just need a computer and a proper internet connection to be empowered to make major business decisions ensuring an increased sales and finer customer experience wherever you are, whenever it’s favourable for you.

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How restaurant POS system will augment your customer relationship management?

You as a restaurant owner must try to build a healthy relationship with your customers. How a restaurant POS will help you to cultivate a better relationship with your customers are:

Once you have the complete customer details, send customised SMS and Emails to your loyal customers informing them about your new launchings, offers, discounts, or in case if you are going to host an event and all other happenings at your restaurant.

Centrally manages your customer database with the help of your restaurant POS. If you have multiple outlets, you can have a central customer database and separate the customers depending on their location, ordering behaviour, and history.

The eminent way to increase customer retention is none other than loyalty programmes. Integrate your restaurant POS system with CRM so that you can run customised loyalty programmes and manage the target customers even better way.

What is the takeaway EPOS system?

EPOS systems are the electronic form of the traditional POS systems and mostly run online, where they store information securely and firmly in a cloud. The Takeaway EPOS system is the complete solution for all your takeaway needs. The EPOS for takeaways allows your restaurant to grow with every order. The EPOS will show the total cost for the ease for the customers to pay with cash or card.

A takeaway EPOS system contains all the tools you need to gain new customers, eventually increase profit and future revenue opportunities. EPOS systems are peculiarly tailored for takeaways and restaurants to manage online, in-store, and telephone orders. It is the combination of hardware and software designed to aid you in run your business more effectively. Along with transactional information, the EPOS system can then generate detailed reports corresponding to the input data.

How to integrate POS with like-minded yet non-competitive businesses

Your cloud-based POS system can be extended to enhance its capabilities by taking advantage of integrations. Restaurant owners or other retailers can join their POS to other e-commerce platforms, payment processor, or software so that key data can evenly flow from one system to the other.

For example, if you integrate your POS system with an online shopping cart, enables the systems to sync inventory data so that a merchant can handle their stock across both sales channels. One more example is that if a restaurant owner wishes to integrate their POS with accounting software. Then POS and this software together can work and sync tax and sales information.

First of all, identify your partners in your POS system to help your unique business to get benefit from integrations. Some POS solutions even have strong networks of existing experts. These experts can help you set up your software and flawless integrate like-minded so far non-competitive companies.

How restaurant POS systems arm you against internal thefts?

We all know that the restaurant sector is the prime most sufferers of pilferage and internal thefts. Since your restaurant POS will offer you real-time reports of the number of bills generated, items sold, all the sales, and stock availability, it extremely minimises the chances of any theft and also reduces your dependency on your managers.

The restaurants POS will make you capable of single-handedly run your business from wherever in the world right from your handheld devices. These reports will give you a bird’s-eye view and help you recognise if there is any misappropriation going behind you in your restaurant.

You should use a restaurant POS that is enough flexible to easily integrate new technological innovations. This will make sure that your restaurant is being updated and is not running behind your competitors in the market competition.

How error control is possible with POS?

Happy satisfied customers are the return guests of your restaurant. They often suggest your restaurant to their acquaintances, colleagues, and people in contact. So if you want your business to propel and flourish, you should have a strong ally of happy satisfied customers. Make sure all their orders are prepared and served accurately. Many times, the misconception of handwritten orders can create confusion between kitchen staff, waiters, or bartenders which leads to delayed services and unneeded waste of food. An integrated POS system in your restaurants helps reduce human errors and upgrade communication.

Where to find POS?

If you own a small business or you are planning for a very small business such as a bagel shop or sandwich shop, you may not require a POS system at the restaurant opening time, mainly if you aren’t going to take credit cards. Anyway if you are dreaming to expand your restaurant and its franchising, then you may be required or covet to figure in the purchase of a POS into your opening costs.

What is the up-sell opportunity with POS?

In addition to being a destination to process payments, a restaurant POS also presents an opportunity for the retailers to boost their average units per sale. Be mindful of this and when the customer opts for the service from you, this initiates the possibility for you to up-sell them on additional inventory. Some methods to include this would be:

Keep Merchandise impulse-inspired inventory next to the cheque-out area. So that it allure and grab customer attention such as any novelty items, candy, hand-sanitiser, beverages, and like other products that the customers may wish to simply want or the products that do not take much discussion over whether or not a customer may want.

Maintain the items affordable to your audience. If you are providing these items at a pocket-friendly rate, your customers can fastly grab and add them to their cheque-out experience. Lower, inexpensive price points help achieve this. Aim to offer eye-catching inventory in your restaurant which in turn drives more profit opportunities to your restaurant.

Restaurant management software makes your restaurant operations seamless. So a restaurant POS is a necessity of this present and forthcoming future. It is a necessary prerequisite to run a restaurant properly and satisfactorily. Choose it right and observe how it bring sales and revenue opportunities by reducing your dependence on manual labour and you can be calm that nothing can happen at your restaurant without your cognition.

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