How Can Writing Boost Your Mental Health?

Writing can enhance self-awareness and help you control your emotions. Find out more on how writing can boost your mental health today.


Mental health is as important as physical health; it increases productivity, reveals human abilities, and plays a great role in an integral and happy life. Due to the ability to withstand stress, the human body becomes more resilient and can resist depression, cancer, and other mental diseases. That is why in any case you do not need to forget about the importance of your mental health, and if it is possible to develop. Stable mental health will make you calmer, balanced, and strong.

One of the effective ways to boost it is to write because on a piece of paper you can express all your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and get rid of all negative emotions. If you are constantly haunted by a strange feeling and every time you ask yourself: “Why is my mood so unstable?”, try to write a short essay about your feelings.

And you will notice that after the first procedure you will feel relief. Further keeping a diary will forever save you from negativity and anxiety. Periodic notes in your notebook structure thoughts, give an idea of why you acted in that situation this way and not otherwise. This frees a person from guilt, and humans begin to realize why the circumstances have turned this way.

Records build a logical chain from the periods of your life, which will tell you where to find perfect solutions and where new obstacles are hidden, so you can easily overcome them. If you interfere with negative emotions, have problems at work, at the class or university, or anywhere else you can use this method. It will help you control self-awareness, get out of depression, or overcome the stress that causes health disorders.

Problems with mental health can cause different problems that can affect your daily life. Your speech may not sound as persuasive and competent as it could be. But writing can solve your problems.

How Can Writing Boost Your Mental Health
How Can Writing Boost Your Mental Health

How Can Writing Strengthen My Brain?

During writing, you train to concentrate on one action and not to get distracted. That is why you need to set aside 15-20 minutes of free time every day to practice your concentration skills.

Firstly, try to write in complete silence in your comfort zone. Then test your concentration, for example, in crowded places, where it is noisy, in a cafe or restaurant, during a break between work to develop your self-control.

Well-known doctors in the field of lifestyle medicine are convinced that writing forms in a person the habit of total work on himself and this is typical for successful people. Keeping records helps to understand the causes of emotional toxicity and correct any inaccuracies that cause it. We need to write down words of gratitude for the day because that’s how we analyze our actions.

Also, a person will be able to rethink all his dreams and desires, clearly understand how to move in the chosen direction, and step by step describe the whole situation to achieve all goals easily. You can also notice what obstacles await along the way and be prepared for any emotional shocks.

Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from such phenomena as emotional burnouts. This problem appears because of the banal accumulation of emotions. You need to relax your brain from time to time, stop thinking about many things at once. A good way to coordinate your thoughts is to write down a narrative essay and you will clear your mind of unnecessary and obsessive thoughts.

The scientists compare typing on a keyboard and writing on papers. During the analysis, they pay attention that information written with a pen is remembered and perceived better. That’s why we recommend you use this type of writing because it has a positive effect on mental health and brain function.

You can choose 1 of 3 main writing ways to improve your self-awareness and therefore your mental health.

Expressive Letter

The first method is widely used for therapeutic purposes, and it solves the most difficult emotional problems. In a stressful situation when you need mental support, you need to share your feelings and write each argument in detail and with well-weightiness. By formulating opinions, you can calm down and reject all anxious thoughts.

There are many examples of research that show the high performance of different writing types. Some of them proved that people who write down their feelings and emotions have much better physical and mental health than those who described neutral situations.

Reflective Writing

Be inquisitive, look into the depths of your soul, and find answers to difficult questions that concern you. You need to ask yourself constantly because this way we will be able to independently analyze the inner state and realize which way we need to move.

Concentrate, analyze and answer honestly to understand how to find a way out of the situation, how to become a better version of yourself. This method is best suited for social workers, teachers, doctors, psychologists to perform better their professional duties. It is also useful to try this practice for schoolchildren and students, who need to understand and evaluate their potential for future development.

Creative Writing

Creativity always helps to overcome internal pain, develop imagination and make your brain work better, and remember more information, especially when you have to come up with the best argumentative essay topics for college. In the form of poems, stories, fairy tales, you can tell your friend about your experiences that you do not dare to share during the conversation. In such an unusual way, a person will describe better and in more detail the situation so that others understand the cause of his bad mood.

Therefore, the importance of writing cannot be overestimated. The relevant topics are raised in kindergartens, schools, press conferences, and webinars. After reading the informative and argumentative article, you can use the information in studying. For example, you can improve your academic performance while improving your mental health. Therefore, be sure to master the following practices of self-control of consciousness regularly.


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