21 Injured In Explosion At Baltimore BGE Building; workers rescued from dangling scaffolding


At least 21 people were taken to area hospitals after an explosion was reported at the Baltimore Gas & Electric building in downtown Baltimore earlier Wednesday morning.

Explosion at BGE offices in downtown Baltimore
Explosion at BGE offices in downtown Baltimore

Eyewitnesses say they heard and felt a large explosion just before 8:30 a.m. Then, they saw scaffolding fall from the building at the 100 block of West Fayette Street.

Baltimore Fire Tweeted: A total of 23 victims were rescued from the explosion in the 100blk of W. Fayette St. 21 of the victims were transported to area hospitals & 2 victims declined. BCFD members continue search the bldg. The cause remains under investigation.

Fire officials said on Twitter that there was an explosion at a building in the 100 block of West Fayette Street in the downtown area that caused part of its roof to collapse.

In a statement, BGE — the local utility company — said the incident was “construction related” and occurred at its offices at 2 Center Plaza.

BGE officials said construction work was being done on the “building’s air handling and boiler system, which likely caused the incident.”

Baltimore fire officials at the scene of a building explosion. (Baltimore City Fire Department)
The statement also said that the “building was largely empty due to the upcoming holidays and the pandemic.”


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