Ek Mini Katha Movie Review


Ek Mini Katha Movie Review: Ek Mini Katha is a romantic comedy entertainer movie story written By Merlapaka Gandhi and directed By Karthik Rapolu. The movie casts Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thappar and Shradda Das are in the lead roles along with Brahmaji, Sudharshan, Sapthagiri, Posani Krishna Murali are seen in supporting roles. The Music composed by Pravin Lakkaraju while cinematography done by Gokul Bharathi and it is edited by Satya G. The film is produced by UV Creations banner.

ek mini katha movie review
ek mini katha movie review

Coming into the story, however, the hero Santosh (Santosh Shobhan) has been disturbed by his private part since his childhood and is afraid of the real little things. He makes many attempts to get out of it anyway. At the same time his father Brahmaji Santosh, who understands it differently, finds a relationship to marry. The girl who saw that was Amrita (Kavya Tapar) but she likes all the big things as opposed to Santosh and what happens to the relationship between these two? Can the real Santosh solve his problem? What actually happens in the end is the real story.

Ek Mini Katha Movie Review

The point of this particular film is to say that it is very sensitive in real life and the way it is shown with a good startup by adding good comedy is impressive. Also, the film will be a good turning point compared to the films made by young hero Santosh so far.

He should be delighted to have chosen such an experimental subject rather than just an actor. Also acting in many scenes but comedy timing but feel very good from him. The heroine Kavya Thapar looks good from the first frame and also impresses with her glamorous dose.

She also has good chemistry in many scenes with Santosh. The characters of Brahmaji and the comedian who appear from the beginning of the film also generate good fun throughout. Along with these the emotions seen in many scenes are good.

Leading production company UV Creations offers a number of great films from them as well as films with good content. One of them is that the film also has good production values ​​from Adi onwards. Also the camera work is great. The music given by Praveen Lakkaraju is songs but the background score and lyrics feel fresh. I can say that editing is okay.

When it comes to the story and direction of this film, the story chosen by the noted writer-director Merlapaka Gandhi feels a bit bold but new from the regular movies. Also the screenplay with the comedy he gave was also impressive. When it comes to director Karthik Rapolu, the way he dealt with the subject till the first half was good but if he had continued in the same second half, he would have got even better output. As well as his prowess this Bold Attempt can be admired not only for the delicately handled approach but also for the manner in which it is concluded.

On the whole, “This One Mini Katha” is for those who want something new in recent times and those who think the bold story in it is okay will like it. For young hero Santosh, this film will give a good step to his career. Also, the comedy that runs through this drama also feels very decent. If not the second half would have looked so much better if it had been dealt with so well. The finale is a bit bold though. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.


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