Does A DBS Check include any driving offences


When you apply for employment in the UK it would not be uncommon to have the employer ask the applicant to undergo a DBS Check as part of the process.

Some jobs and professions specifically need DBS applications so that the individuals that are employed are suitable for the job profile they apply for. These checks are for any criminal antecedents that might be on the part of a prospective employee that would make them unsuitable to work with kids or vulnerable person.

Does A DBS Check include any driving offences
Does A DBS Check include any driving offences

Still quite many are well-acquainted of what info is available with a DBS Check

Information revealed on a DBS Check

There are three kinds of checks and they show different levels of info for employers to learn about the prospective applicants.

Basic DBS check: It only reveals a candidate’s unspent convictions.

Standard DBS check: It offers cautions, spent and unspent convictions, warnings and reprimands.

Enhanced DBS check: Along with revealing the same info as a Standard check it also contains any additional information available with the local police station. At times an enhanced DBS check is carried out along with an Adults or Children’s Barred List verification.

While it only makes good sense to apply for an online DBS Check before applying for a job, some individuals have reservations about what comes up in a check. This is more so for those individuals that have had a minor run-in with the law.

Among the common areas of concern is that of committing a driving offence. They generally are unsure about whether any driving-related offences will be shared with a prospective employer when they apply online for a check.

Things included in a Driving Offence

A driving offence can vary from being something minor to major offences that could have serious repercussions. There are different kinds of driving offences with still many unsure about whether the offence they committed will appear on a DBS verification. Most of the offences are minor and therefore will not feature in the report, while serious ones will.

Here are some of the most common driving-related offences:

Fixed Penalty Offences: Tickets or fixed penalty notices can be given to those that commit a minor offence and which can be settled outside a court. Perse, they are not counted as criminal offences and consequently do not appear on a DBS Check.

These include:

  • Driving a lane reserved for buses
  • Not following road signs
  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Violating a pedestrian crossing
  • Driving without a seatbelt
  • Driving without MOT clearance
  • Driving through a red light

When drivers are caught, they receive points on their licence and have to pay a fee. The penalty to be paid and the number of points varies as per the offence. E.g. Not having auto insurance or speaking on the phone while driving incur more points and a heavier fee.

While these do not come up in a DBS check if your employment involves driving it is recommended to inform your employer about the points incurred on your DL.

This can incorporate offenses, for example, smashed driving, driving without appropriate protection, or reliable dismissal for speed limits. All things considered, these offenses will show up on a DBS check when you apply for one, or your manager applies for one for your benefit.

Why is this important?

Alerts or feelings which are qualified for separating will naturally be eliminated from DBS checks at the time a DBS application is made. It’s important therefore to know whether your offence will be filtered to ensure that you do not disclose it to an employer if, legally, you don’t need to.

Serious Driving Offences:

Several offences constitute serious driving offences that can be quite complicated.Some of the serious offences are as follows:

These include:

  • Driving without a licence or when disqualified
  • Any driving offence that causes death or leads to serious injuries
  • Dangerous or reckless driving
  • Driving while under the influence
  • Drink driving

All of these serious offences appear on a DBS Check if they constitute a serious criminal offence instead of just a motor offence. Therefore, it is advisable in the long run to inform any current or prospective employer of any such offences.

Offences filtered on a DBS Check

Those driving-related offences that are considered severe enough to appear on an online check, might also be considered for filtering. DBS filtering makes it possible to drop convictions on a criminal record after a certain time subject to the individual’s age when he was convicted.

However, those sentences considered extremely severe will not qualify to be filtered.

Eventually, it is left to the employer’s discretion whether they choose to employ the applicant. Irrespective of an offence, it is advised to be upfront and honest with any employer about offences that may have been committed in the past.

Notwithstanding, on 29 May 2013, a cycle known as sifting was presented, which impacts whereupon alerts and feelings are really revealed inside the checks. Sifting identifies specific alerts and feelings, which it groups as secured, and guarantees that they are not revealed inside the DBS check. Any previous offenses and admonitions which are secured and occurred an adequate number of years prior won’t be remembered for the DBS endorsement and will not affect on a candidate’s chances of obtaining the role.

Aim of this information

This structures part of our data on criminal record checks for work. This basic guide quickly clarifies the sifting cycle that applies to standard and upgraded Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

Checking the status of a DBS Application

Anyone that wants to know the status of their DBS Check (standard or enhanced) can enrol for the DBS Update service we offer. It is subscription-based that helps an individual to have up to date certification and also permits employers to verify an applicant’s status (with their consent).

An individual should be in the know about what steps to take and not be misled by inaccurate info. For any assistance feel free to contact us here at


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