Differences Between Single And Double-Hung Windows


When you’re considering window replacement in Edmonton, figuring out what windows to go with can be quite a frustrating task. With so many window options available on the market, it’s no surprise why many people put off a window renovation project for as long as they possibly can. Window replacement in Edmonton isn’t something that should be increasing your stress levels. With a reputable and professional company such as Canglow Windows & Doors, you can rest assured in knowing you’ll be getting the best windows with the best installation.

As you’re researching what windows to get installed in your home, you might have seen single and double-hung windows pop up at some point. Each of these options is a decent one to consider, and you might be puzzled as to what the differences between each of them are.

Differences Between Single And Double-Hung Windows
Differences Between Single And Double-Hung Windows

What Are The Differences Between Single And Double-Hung Windows?

A lot of older homes have single or double-hung windows in them. You’ll also typically see them in apartments and commercial buildings. If you’re looking at them for the first time, it can be difficult to distinguish any differences at all between them. The biggest difference between these two types of windows is how they function.

Single-Hung Windows

With single-hung windows, the lower sash is able to move and the upper sash doesn’t. This is nice for people that like to add some decorative touches to the top sash that is fixed in place and unable to move.

Double-Hung Windows

With double-hung windows, each sash is functional and can be moved up, down, in, or out.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each?

Each type of window will come with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it always helps to take a look at what each one excels in so that you can make a more informed decision on the type of window you’ll be purchasing for your home.


Double-hung windows are much easier to clean in comparison to single-hung windows, thanks to each sash being able to move and tilt in the other direction. This allows the homeowner to be able to clean the window right from the comfort of the interior of their home. You won’t be having to worry about setting up ladders in high areas on the exterior of your home to clean your windows.

Many people like to install double-hung windows in their homes because of the simplicity in cleaning them.


If you’re comparing the maintenance between single and double-hung windows, both of their window seals will wear out at the same rate, but that also depends on the climate you’re living in, as well. You can weatherproof single-hung windows by running a seal of caulk along them. This might be a little more difficult to do with double-hung windows.

You also have to consider what will happen if the top sash breaks down. If you have single-hung windows, you’ll have to reach out to a window contractor as soon as you can. If you have double-hung windows, this is quite an easy DIY task that you can try on your own.


For people that want to purchase windows to increase the ventilation in their homes, double-hung windows are the ones to go with because each sash is functional and operable. If you want, you can align each sash in the center in order to create a circulating airflow effect. You won’t be able to do this with single-hung windows due to the fact that you can only open them from the lower half.


When you’re thinking about window replacement in Edmonton, security is always something that should always be a top priority, especially if you have young children or animals in the home. You’ll never want to worry about accidentally leaving a window open with young kids running around the home.

Double-hung windows are nice because you can leave the bottom half shut while leaving the upper half open. This means you’ll be able to reap the benefits of increased airflow into your home while also having them secure from young children reaching up to them. Single-hung windows are a little different, and you’ll want to keep the window shut fully for increased security.


The cost of windows is always one of the most important things to think about when you’re in the market for window replacement in Edmonton. Single-hung windows will result in about 10 to 20% less money than double-hung windows. At first this might appear to be a small amount, but if you’re installing a number of windows in your home, things can add up fairly quickly. If you’re on a strict budget, then you might want to go with single-hung windows.

It always helps to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a product before you take the plunge and purchase it, and the same goes for when you’re thinking about getting your windows replaced. If you’re currently looking around for a professional and reputable window contractor to replace your windows, consider contacting Canglow Windows & Doors today.


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