Chathur Mukham Movie Review: Innovative techno-horror thriller film


Chathur Mukham Movie Review: Chathur Mukham Manju Warrier Sunny Wayne Malayalam Movie Review – Most parts of India are famous for their abundance of mysterious myths. Thus the stories that surround human beings, nature, and life, formed from scary feelings, are passed down through the generations. When the time came for cinema, the strong possibilities for narration and expression of horror opened up.

Malayalam fairy tales that were confined to legends have made their mark in the history of Malayalam cinema from ‘Bhargaveenilayam’.

Films began to be made in the genre of ‘techno-horror’ in the 1950s. The reality is that many of them have turned out to be film-critical failures. ‘The Day Earth Stud Still’ and ‘Forbidden Planet’ are considered early ‘techno-horror’ films. ‘Chatur Mukham’ is the first ‘techno-horror’ movie in Malayalam.

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Magic is a mysterious concept that surrounds man. According to Indian philosophy, the technical possibilities are female-centric. Magical objects were recorded in pictures all that time. This concept was outside the belief that images had energy.

The ‘square face’ can be seen as an evolution of this period. The film is seen as a great opportunity for the square of the mobile phone, the infinite possibilities within it, the energy investment, and the mysteries created by the networks that are built through it. The world of Tejaswini (Manju Warrier) in ‘Square Face’ is one of the most contemporary in the 21st century. An ordinary woman who uses social media and wants to display her pictures there. From there, the story expands to the infinite possibilities of selfies.

The change in the world is technically changing many old concepts. The life of man, half human and half machine, began in the late nineties. In Hollywood, the movie ‘The Ring’ adds to the horror created by the potential of the medium of television. Manoj Night Shyamalan has a similar experience in some of his films.
The Kovid period is shaping new types of ideas. Fear is gaining new possibilities as man shrinks toward each other.

It’s an extraordinary experience like never before. It infiltrates a different level of fear. As man becomes more and more isolated, the mystery surrounding him grows, and so does the ‘square face’. The streets are empty, and many mysteries follow them, and as a result of that experience, the people who are locked in the rooms experience another world. Everything changes as yesterday is a memory and today is another reality.

Chathur Mukham Movie Review

Most people are in the world of short videos that someone uploads on the internet. In it the body and the mind become different elements. The energy that is central to everything can be considered a mystery.

The stillness is produced by the intense silence. Fear emerges from its long emptiness. This empty void that forms in the major squares of the world is the result of subtle and complex thinking. It does not need old country maps. Its boundaries are expanding further. ‘Square Face’ is a psychologically significant film.

Most notably, Manju Warrier plays the role of Tejaswini. Sunny Wayne also performs exceptionally well. There is no doubt that Antony will open a new path in Sunny Wayne’s career. Alanzier and Srikanth Murali stand out with their spontaneous performances. The film is directed by Ranjith Kamalashankar and Salil V. Written by Abhayakumar K and Anil Kurian. The variety of the theme and the way it is handled gives the film even more strength. The big challenge is to capture the thrilling moments of horror movies without losing their subtleties. Cameraman Abhinandan Ramanujam has been able to overcome that challenge easily. It should also be noted that cinematography and sound mixing influence the viewer as much as the theme.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform, despite the potential of technology.
Even ‘Dracula’ represents another image. Brom Stoker’s work is considered by critics to be a reflection of capitalism during the Industrial Revolution. The same is true here. When the story of the ‘square face’ is told beyond the supernatural, it cannot be a part of history.

As it deals with a very different theme among Vishu films, it is certain that this film will lead the world of Malayalam cinema aficionados to meaningful discussions rather than audience-critical attention. In the world of Malayalam horror movies, this film is sure to be a huge success.


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