Can you believe this? San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is the world’s largest self music generated wind instrument


Have you ever listened the music generated by The bridge? Check here some of the twitter users tweets that posted video of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge self-generated crazy music sound.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Many people from San Francisco, CA, United States tweeted and shared videos of the eerie humming sound coming from the golden gate bridge, with many tweeted they could hear the noise from miles away from bridge. After enough people inquired about the noise, the Golden Gate Bridge Sargent reported the sound is caused by wind hitting new sidewalk railing slats.

Different videos show on Twitter that the humming noise can be heard all over the city, and many residents complaining about the noise.

After work on the Golden Gate Bridge’s sidewalks to bolster their wind resistance, nearby residents of San Francisco are complaining that the 1.7 mile-long structure makes a creepy droning noise when it’s windy.

Check Tweets of The Golden Gate Bridge is now making music


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