What Does the Exhaust Do for a Motorcycle?

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Whether your bike gives off a loud growl and a cloud of black smoke or a quiet hum and colorless fumes, your exhaust system is a key component of your bike that you may need to upgrade.

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What Does Exhaust Do for a Motorcycle?

There are three basic reasons your motorcycle needs an exhaust system.

Once you understand these three functions, you can determine how an aftermarket exhaust might improve your bike’s performance:

  • Muffle noise
  • Direct gases
  • Improve engine performance
  • Adjusts the weight of your motorcycle

Some riders are a fan of a hearty roar coming from their engine. Others prefer a more subtle, easy-on-the-ears sound profile.

Either way, you can thank your exhaust system for limiting the noise and giving you the ideal sound. An aftermarket system can reduce or increase the noise of your motorcycle.

Ever catch a whiff of exhaust fumes coming off a bike?

They aren’t pleasant. You can thank your exhaust pipes for keeping all those carbon monoxide fumes and hot air away from you as you ride.

A bike without an exhaust system or with a hole in a pipe may give the rider an unpleasant mix of hot fumes. Aftermarket exhaust systems perform the same function.

Whether you have a single muffler or a double muffler, the goal is to direct fumes from the engine to the rear of your ride.

You must brush up on your thermodynamic knowledge to understand how an exhaust pipe helps your engine. The simple version is that by channeling and directing the flow of exhaust gases, you can help out the air intake.

More air means more power, so an aftermarket exhaust or OEM BMW motorcycle parts can be just the tune-up your engine needs.

A new exhaust on its own may not give you quite the power boost you’re expecting, but a combination of an exhaust and air filter can offer a great horsepower improvement.

Adjusting the weight of your ride is more of a byproduct of putting an exhaust on it, but it’s a common reason why riders turn to aftermarket exhaust parts.

Your OEM exhaust system may have as much as 15 pounds of excess weight. Swap it out for a lightweight alternative to keep your bike sleek and underweight.

Where To Buy OEM Motorcycle Parts

Buying a new motorcycle exhaust is easy online. At a store, you’ll need to sort through all the different makes and models of exhaust pipes to find the section of parts that are compatible with your ride.

Once you do that, you must weigh the pros and cons of each one and figure out what the pros are using and why. These steps are far easier at an online store, so shop online today to repair or upgrade your favorite two-wheeled ride.


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