Big Aadhaar Card Update for NRIs! No need to Wait for 182 days!


Non-resident Indians must also register for Aadhaar, since it has been mandated by the Government of India. All Indian citizens, NRI or otherwise, and foreign nationals residing in India can get an Aadhaar card for free, regardless of their nationality or citizenship.

For everyone, the procedure and paperwork requirements are the same. In addition, the person must be physically present at any of the country’s Aadhaar card centres when enrolling. Individuals can arrange an appointment for enrolment at their nearest Aadhaar centre.

Big Aadhaar Card Update for NRIs! No need to Wait for 182 days!
Big Aadhaar Card Update for NRIs! No need to Wait for 182 days!

Update for NRIs

NRIs are no longer required to undergo a mandatory waiting period, as they were previously.

In May 2020, India’s Finance Minister recommended that NRIs carrying an Indian passport be issued Aadhaar cards upon arrival in India, avoiding the mandatory waiting period. During the Union Budget, this suggestion was put forward. She advised NRIs to skip the 180-day waiting period during the Budget announcement in February 2021.

In August, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the governing body for Aadhaar announced that they would not have to wait for 182 long days now. NRIs with a legitimate Indian passport can apply for Aadhaar when they arrive in India.

How Can NRIs Apply for Aadhar Card

Applying for Aadhar is a fairly straightforward process. Here is how to get aadhaar card for NRIs.

  • Visit any Aadhaar Kendra that is convenient for you.
  • Keep a legitimate Indian passport on you at all times.
  • Fill out the enrollment form completely.
  • NRIs must provide an email address.
  • For NRI enrolment, the declaration is slightly different. In your enrolment form, read and sign the following.
  • Inquire with the operator about becoming an NRI.
  • For identity proof, you can use your passport.
  • You can either use your passport as proof of address and date of birth, or you can provide another legal document.
  • Finish the biometric capturing procedure.
  • Before allowing the operator to submit, double-check all details on the screen.
  • Take your 14-digit Enrolment ID, as well as the Time Stamp Date and, from the acknowledgement slip/enrolment slip. You will have to wait for 90 days for the development and dispatch of your aadhaar card, this is the standard waiting period for an Aadhaar card. You can use your enrollment number, which was provided by the enrollment centre to track the application process.

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You can always request that a hard copy of your Aadhar card be delivered to you, or you can download your e-aadhaar online once it is ready. All you need is your 14-digit Enrolment ID, as well as the Date and Time Stamp to download e-aadhaar under Online Aadhar services on the UIDAI website.


Aadhaar is a very crucial identification document that an Indian citizen can carry nowadays, and is issued by the UIDAI. It has grown in importance as a result of its high level of integration with everyday life. The Aadhaar card is available to both Indian nationals and NRIs.


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