Best Ways To Protect Yourself When Your Partner has Become Covid-19 Positive


Protect Yourself: The global pandemic Covid-19 has taken its aggressive form in India. Millions of people are getting infected every day. So it is important that you take care of yourself and your loved ones. Despite this, if your partner has been infected with Covid-19, the responsibility increases for you even more.

Home and Infection

If a corona in your house is infected, your entire family may be vulnerable. Numerous studies suggest that household transmission is the only Coronavirus The biggest reason is the spread of. Here the problem comes from the most physical distance. Usually, one of the people in the house is sharing the same environment and tools. Which is the strongest cause of infection.

Keeping in mind the Covid Positive partner, you have to take care of these things.

COVID-19 Protect Yourself
COVID-19 Protect Yourself

1. Isolation is important

If you have more than one room in your house, keep the infected person in a separate room. If possible, keep them in a room where the bathroom is also attached and keep the pets separate from them.

Dr. Rachel Bender Ignacio, assistant professor of infectious diseases at the University of Washington and spokeswoman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, says that “the door to the isolated room should always be closed so that other family members can move around the house comfortably.” Also, by doing this, children will also be kept away easily.

“When many people live together in a small space, it can be very difficult to avoid infection,” says Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

2. Take Great Care of Food

When a person is ill, his or her catering needs increase compared to normal people. Especially when the Covid is positive, there is anorexia towards food. Nevertheless, you must include fresh, homemade food in your diet.

If for some reason you have to get the food from outside, then ask to keep the food outside the house.

3. Keep Food Utensils separate also

The CDC says that the food utensils of Covid-19 positive person should also be separated. Which can reduce the risk of infecting other family members. In such a situation, you should serve their food in separate utensils and wash their utensils separately in hot water.

Keep in mind that while doing both these tasks you need to wear hand gloves and masks and after that wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

4. Wash Clothes Separately

According to Bender Ignacio “The good thing about the coronavirus is that it dies easily with soap and water. Also, do not put the sick person’s clothing on the floor because it can also infect the surface of the floor. “

Therefore, pour their clothes directly into the hot soapy water and wash them. Wash the rest of the household clothes separately and separate the clothes of the infected person. If you are using a washing machine, do not forget to sanitize it later.

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5. Maintain Emotional Attachment But Not Physical

Remember, we all need human interaction. Having physical contact with a sick person can be a little difficult. But you can keep emotional contact with them. Make them video calls, keep in touch with them through chatting or regular calls. You can resort to online options to keep their mental health right during such difficult times.

Dr. Amesh Adalja says that “it can be very difficult for a corona infected person to wear a mask at his home at all times.” Therefore, limiting physical interaction with them is the only option. ”

6. Consider Yourself Quarantine As Well

Bender Ignacio states that “if one person in the house is ill, the rest of the household should also consider themselves asymptomatic or pre-symmetric.” Even if they are feeling fine. In addition, the entire house should be considered potentially infected for two weeks. “

It is important to understand “that anyone is likely to bring the virus out of leaving that house.” “Therefore, the family of the infected person must remain quarantined for at least 2 weeks. That does not cause further infections Be made.

7. Take Special Care of Cleanliness

Use different duster and wipes for cleaning the room where the infected person lives and other rooms in the house. Sanitize doorknobs, floors, bathroom walls etc. every day.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that – if possible, a corona-infected person should use a separate bathroom. If you share a bathroom, the CDC recommends that the caregiver do not go to the bathroom immediately after being used by an infected person.

This is because it is believed that if a person is coughing or sneezing, virus droplets may be present in the air. Experts say the person who is ill should disinfect the bathroom before exiting. It is necessary to clean the door taps, faucet handles, toilets, countertops, light switches and any other surface that it has touched.


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