Best iOS Emulators For Windows & Mac To Run iOS Apps


Those of you who are looking for Best iOS emulators to run iOS apps on PC and Mac, we love your tech-freakiness and understand the need of testing iPhone apps on various devices. Many of us are impressed with iOS applications and games but are actually pressed between choosing iOS over current operating systems.

However, duplicating the behavior of your iPhone without adding any other hardware and running favorite games like PubG, Pokemon Go or others is also a huge advantage for keeping an iPhone emulator for Windows. In fact, this feature gives an extra advantage to app developers in trying these applications and finding the behavioural approaches an application follows during the testing phase.

It is important to note that out of the number of iOS emulators out there, only the best iOS emulators will make their way into the list mentioned here. Some of them are free whereas some come with a trial period followed by premium payments. Well, there are some other reasons why you must consider using an emulator whether you have tried it previously or not.

Best iOS Emulators
Best iOS Emulators

These reasons are:

  • Cost-effectiveness as one doesn’t need to buy any extra hardware elements. Yes, either you need to buy an emulator for once after a successful trial or pay simply once to use it for life. It is definitely better than buying any other hardware wire or device to run your games and apps on other devices.
  • It can be used for casual gaming purposes as well as testing that developers need to do. Sure, such causal statements may sound silly but some emulators are just so complete and easy to use that you feel, ‘Why didn’t I know about them before?’
  • Some are typical to set up but some are very easy to use. Yes, if you are a developer and looking for some hacks then emulators are helpful. And if you are just a gamer who wants to start emulators in a few clicks, it is also possible. It is absolutely over your interest which way and which one suits you best.
  • Emulators save potential time and ecosystem which not only saves you from buying another hardware device but also energy spent on buying and attaching a new accessory to your system.

We believe that after learning about iOS emulators, you just want to hop on the list in order to find the one that suits you, right? Well, let’s here find out the best iOS emulator for Windows & Mac here.

Best iOS Emulators To Experience Multi-Platform Gaming/App Testing

This freemium service is certainly the best iPhone emulator for PC as it’s very easy to use, even for a beginner, and runs native mobile apps in a blink of an eye. To show any other app, upload the app on their website or via API and it can be streamed instantly. For in-browser app preview, you can embed the app into HTML with an iFrame and it can be fully managed up to date.

Interestingly, you get free 100 minutes of streaming time for apps and even monitor the usage from the dashboard itself. In fact, you can set up alerts when you reach the limit so that you don’t exceed the usage at all.

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Another iOS emulator for Mac and Windows is Smartface where you can run the native mobile apps through the browser without using any other physical device. Although this emulator is more focused on professionals, they can rely on this emulator to test the applications for iOS. You can find its trial version but its professionalism could provide you with ease of paying $99 and definitely works in the best way possible with cross-platform iOS apps. along with this, Top10pcsoftware is a place where you can get information about windows relates software so if you are looking for software go on this software


Corellium is an efficient iOS emulator and is extremely popular amongst researchers to run a simulated iOS device within the browser. No one needs to worry about security and any kind of threat as its development comes from the hands of the earliest iPhone jailbreak members. Security research, app streaming, device modelling, and app testing, name any and Corellium is right there for you.

It is famous to accelerate your work on iOS as well as Android devices with free trials to try the system. This pioneering technology is just ready to change the concept of multi-platform aspects, are you ready?


Want to experience iOS on your laptop, no matter if you have an Android or iPhone? Well, you are at the right place and the best iOS emulator! Many professional testers as well as gamers love to try this emulator as it is very simple to understand and can work if you are a newbie and have no idea about its setup. Part of the credit goes to the strong user interface which is pretty much self-explained and works without throwing lags.


Coming from the home of Apple itself, this iOS emulator comes with super packed features including an app simulator for iMessage, watchOS, tvOS, and iOS. It possesses a super swift user interface to maintain a stable API. Designed for Apple users exclusively, they can directly launch apps from Xcode.

Mostly iOS developers know that they already have this best iOS emulator who can get access to a variety of devices and screen sizes, even with different iOS versions.

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Now owned by Apple only, it can be even called an official way to beta test applications and developers actually like using this iOS emulator for Mac. All the developers are provided support with testing apps on iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Thankfully, this emulator even supports iMessage apps which are usually not seen on many other platforms. All you need to do is be there at the App Store distribution profile and you can easily use TestFlight with a solution-oriented approach.

AIR iPhone

This is an adobe application which has the capability to reproduce the iPhone’s user interface and the sole purpose of using this emulator is to replicate the GUI of the mobile phone in any fashion. Developers usually upload applications on AIR iPhone before actually releasing them for the masses. The best part is that installing and using this emulator is hassle-free and the rest of the things are good to go!

Electric Mobile Studio

Another professional-grade iOS emulator for PC is here! It caters for needs for iPhone as well as iPad development. However, you can try it for free before actually purchasing it in the system for a mere $40. Even if some of you might feel it’s expensive then you should know that it is an amazing alternative to its competitors.

It is aimed at testing HTML5 and JS apps on iPhone and iPad. Although you won’t find its interface as exciting as others, it is certainly helpful to test out the applications on multiple devices at the same time.

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This could be one of the best iOS emulators you can ever see and is majorly focused on intermediate users. It’s a mobile environment emulator which is designed to test HTML5 apps. One can save their precious time using this application as you can fix errors without copying over the updated version of the apps for testing iteration. It is an extension of the Google Chromium browser that allows you to see how the app would look in the real system.

Remoted iOS Simulator For Windows

The best iOS emulator for Windows, it is highly focused on the side of a developer and comes loaded with as a part of Xamarin in Visual Studio. Interestingly, Microsoft comes with a detailed explanation and documentation about how to use this app for testing with iOS emulator and run other demanding things.

You can find here options like Home, Lock, Settings and Screenshot using which you can enable Touch-ID, shake gestures, rotation and other required features that could be customized according to your needs. Also, it’s a remote iOS emulator for Windows and requires a Mac if you want to try an iOS emulator whose feed is sent to a Windows computer.


Here comes an iOS emulator for gamers and not highly focused on the developers’ side. There are so many people who love their games on iPhone and wish to now try them on bigger screens, with the same score and same competitors, iMAME holds the right space for them. Interestingly, this software is absolutely lightweight and doesn’t choke the resources at all. So what are you waiting for? Just pick your favorite game, use the emulator and start playing today!

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The long-lasting application is back again and is back as an iOS emulator for Mac. It is designed with great detailing and works in the same way as it used to before. Although it is not free to use, it still offers a 7 day trial period in order to check whether the app is suitable for you or not.

iPhone Simulator

With the user interface as similar to iOS, iPhone simulator is exactly a simulator and shall not be confused with an emulator. Although it doesn’t give you access to the App Store, it is still next to perfect to play iOS games on Windows PC. The realistic simulation is already present at one end, one can even access clock, calculator, notepad and iOS system preferences using this simulator. Isn’t that already cool?

MobiOne Studio

With MobiOne Studios, you can be as ready to explore various iOS apps on a PC as you like. Moreover, it doesn’t even require a lot of resources or hardware items which makes it easier for you to run the app. With that, its unique feature is personalized templates where you just need to drag and drop functions for a portrait as well as landscape orientation. Also, the support for reviewing and testing large-size applications with Appsync technology is a big blow.

IDOS Emulator

This iOS emulator already covers so many features that it serves as one of the best iOS emulators of all time. Its user interface is pretty pleasant to understand and works in a perfectly smooth condition for the newbie as well as professionals.


Another one of the best iOS emulators, YouWave goes flawless and without any problems in your computer to run the applications virtually. In order to begin, you can try it free of cost in the first 100 hours with a check on time usage. Later, you just need to pay $0.05 for every hour and we are sure that it fits into the budget of almost every user using an emulator for iOS.


A great and easy deal as an iOS emulator, Genymotion contains straightforward features and a smart interface to easily deal with the distinct nature of emulating games or apps. You can be sure of using this emulator without facing many hurdles due to its clean nature.

Build Your Own

All you want from an iOS emulator for Windows and Mac is that it starts its functioning right away, without waiting for us to understand long procedures and hectic processes. Well, this is what this emulator has got for you. Get this emulator and start processing your apps and games right away!

How To Install iOS Emulators On Windows?

In case you are wondering how to install iOS emulators after finally choosing a perfect emulator then these steps are helpful for you.
Step 1: Download the particular iOS emulator for Windows or Mac.
Step 2: Now go to Download folder and open the installer file like iMAME.exe.
Step 3: As soon as it installs, choose Next option and the emulator will download within a short span of time.
Step 4: Select the destination folder for installation. Click Next & Install to complete the whole process in no time.

Now download and install iOS apps on Windows and Mac and enjoy games, apps to finally get an iOS experience. Although some emulators may not work well with your favorite game like PubG because they might not support games. This is why you must look for an iOS emulator as per your choices and preferences.


After learning about so many iOS emulators for Windows and Mac, we are hopeful that you have found your suitable emulator already by now. In order to pick the right one, you shall look for the reason to download the emulator. For example, being a developer requires special emulators whereas being a gamer requires you to have the simplest trick to make the gaming happen on a big screen. So which one is the best emulator for iOS according to you and which one you will be picking up today? We would like to know about your ideas in the comments section below.


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